Top Largest Airport in The World | World Business Airport

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Top Largest Airport in The World | World Business Airport – For most of our lovely fans who like to travel or really want to know the Largest Airport in The World that is very comfortable for your tripe. So check this list that will be showing you below.Top Largest Airport in The World

Top Largest Airport in The World | World Business Airport

01. King Fahd International Airport

World’s largest airport with respect to land area of 78000 ha King Fahd International Airport has been located in northwest of Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

02. Denver International Airport

The largest airport in the United States of total area 13726 ha and second in the world. County of Denver Department of Aviation owned and operated airport has 31,004,575 annual passengers and 635,445 flights operation which is pretty high in actual because the data has been verified since 2012.

03. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

One of the United States world well know Airport is second largest in the United States cavers the area of 7800 ha and major hub for American Airlines, Ameriflight and UPS Airlines. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has five terminals naming A, B, C, D and E for flights operations having 165 gates

04. Shanghai Pudong International Airport

China’s third busiest airport has been spread on land area of 3350 ha and the Shanghai Pudong International Airport stands among the largest airports in the world which facilitate 51,661,800 passengers in last year.

05. Charles de Gaulle Airport

Air France and Delta Air Lines. Charles de Gaulle Airport has almost 62,052,917 passenger volume with total 497,763 aircrafts operations, ranked among busiest airport in Europe. The Airport has covers the area of 3200 ha making it France’s largest international airport and one of largest airports in all over world.

06. Madrid Barajas

Madrid Barajas is Spain largest and busiest international airport. The Barajas stand among the largest airports in the world with the total area of 3050 ha. Situated in northeast of the Puerta Del Sol in the Madrid’s centre the airport is home to 41,833,374 passengers annually with total 342,601 movements every year.

07. Bangkok International Airport

Bangkok International is also Known as Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok International Airport has operated by Airports of Thailand PLC, As of 2014, Suvarnabhumi Airport has total 289,568 movements annually following 38,143,562 international passengers and 8,279,790 domestic passengers. His also one of the largest because his covering area of 2980 ha, major hub for Orient Thai Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Asia Atlantic Airlines and Thai Airways International and more.

08. Chicago O’Hare International Airport

The northwest of Chicago, Illinois, named as third busiest airport in all fifty states of America. Chicago based international airport O’Hare is owned by Chicago Department of Aviation also control its operations while O’Hare covers 2610 ha with total passenger volume of 70,075,204 and 881,933 aircraft movements.

09. Cairo International Airport

Cairo International Airport which is located in the northeast of the Cairo covers total area of 2550 ha, has value as primary hub for various airlines like Alexandria Airlines, AlMasria Universal Airlines, EgyptAir Express and AMC Airlines and more. Cairo International Airport is busiest one in Egypt with 14,711,500 passengers.

10. Beijing Capital International Airport (2330 ha)

Beijing Capital International Airport has been owned-operated by state controlled company, Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited, and the area of airport is nearly 2330 ha. Top Largest Airport

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