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Top Nigeria Parcel Tracking Companies | Parcel Tracking

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Top Nigeria Parcel Tracking Companies | Parcel Tracking

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You keep wondering why the Parcel you sent has gotten to the person you sent it to. Well, there are Nigeria Parcel Tracking Companies that gives the best of services in tracking your sent item until it gets to the person you are sending it. These Companies are affordable and their service is something to write home about. We will list the Companies and also their websites for you.

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A case whereby you send a parcel from a Company and at the end of the day you realize that the person you are sending it to, has not received it, and you that sent it has nothing to track the Parcel to know it’s Where about. What will you do?

That is the more reason you have to Send parcels through a well Recognized Companies that will give you a tracking Means.

List of Top Nigeria Parcel Tracking Companies

Here are the list of the Best Parcel Tracking Companies In Nigeria that we’ve compiled;

  • DHL Worldwide Express International Limited

The is one of the leading Parcel Service Company in Nigeria, Also delivers You parcel With Speed. With this company, You can track up to 10 Numbers of Parcel at a time. Their Customer Services are also available to you to Speak with someone personally about the where about of your Shipment. The website is

  • United Parcel Service (UPS) Nigeria

Being one of the best and leading Companies, It operates also in Most Countries worldwide, UPS is also a Nigeria parcel Service that also operates Internet Shipping Services. UPS lets you track up to 25 numbers of Shipments at a time. The website is

  • GIG Logistics

GIG Logistics domestic Courier Solutions Known as the number one logistics Company in Nigeria. When you are sending Parcels within your state or outside your state, then GIG Logistics is the Company for you; it’s affordable and fast. It also provides you some of the cheapest Same Day Delivery prices available online in Nigeria. You can also track your Shipment on it. GIG Logistics Website is

  • EMS Speed Post

It’s Services Includes;


Airpost Express Service

Intra City Service and lots more

The EMS Speed Post is also a company in Nigeria that provides efficient and reliable courier and allied service nationwide. Using the company, You can also track your parcel. It’s website is

  • Fedex Courier Service

Fedex is a company in Nigeria that can do it delivery Services in more than 220 Countries and territories, with the sole aim of delivering a fast, reliable and time-definite Services to it’s Customers, It can take up to 30 tracking parcels at a time. The website is

  • ABC Direct Express Courier Limited

ABC Direct Express covers national services and International Courier Services, It offers a Fast and reliable delivery Process. You can also track your parcels and find out where they are. With ABC, Your delivery happen effortlessly just the way you Plan it. The Website is

It’s Website is also a Nigeria Company that also covers courier services; International and Domestic Services. NIPOST Services includes; Mail Services, Counter Services, Private Mail Bag, Special Delivery, Financial Services, Postal Media. You can also track your Parcel via the Website.

  • Red Star Express PLC

It offers and Immediate Parcel Delivery services to it’s Clients and it can accommodate up to 20 numbers of parcel Tracking at a time. It’s website:

Please Note that the above Listed Nigeria Parcel Tracking Companies has their Tracking Portal on their Website, Which is visible and can easily be Used.

All you’ll need to track your parcel deliveries is the unique parcel ID or reference number, which is being sent to confirmation email. All  you need to do is to type the number into the postal tracking tool on their website and click ‘track my parcel’ , ‘Track’ or ‘Submit’ depending on the website, to see where your parcel is Currently.

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