Have you ever wondered where files (images, Documents, audios and videos) sent to you by friends on Whatsapp are stored? Well, these files are also taking their own Share of your device Storage Space. And knowing fully well that all these files also make up whatsapp Chat, it get downloaded automatically. Now the good news; you can Turn off Auto-download files in Whatsapp.


Because of the frequent Sharing on this files And their Auto-download to your device, They drain you Phone Battery, and as earlier mention take up Space on your device.

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Turn Off Auto-download Files in Whatsapp

Take the steps below to successfully turn Off Auto-download in Whatsapp;

  1. Open Whatsapp.
  2. Go to the settings Tab.
  3. On the settings Tab, Tap on the Data and Storage Option.How you can Turn Off Auto-download Files in Whatsapp
  4. The Data and Storage Usage screen will give you the options to choose what type of content is automatically downloaded. Here, select auto-download settings for photos, audio, video, and documents.
  5. Now Tap the on any of the content you want to turn off auto-download for.

Each Content you open have three options – Never, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi & Cellular.

So if you want to turn off auto-download in Whatsapp, select the “NEVER” option for each type of file listed under Data and Storage Usage. (See Image Below for a clearer Explanation)How you can Turn Off Auto-download Files in Whatsapp

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