U.S Military Fighter Jet F-16 crashes Near Joint Base Andrews, in Maryland

A U.S Military Fighter Jet F-16 crashed earlier on Wednesday near it’s Joint base, Andrews in Maryland. Residents gave their encounter and how the thick Black smoke caused their evacuation from the area of the incident.

The crash as being said to have taken Place about 6 miles outside the joint base Andrews, An official gave a statement that the plane was an F-16C fighter jet from the Air National Guard’s 113th Wing.

He further said that “The crash happened at about 9:15 a.m, close to Prince George’s County, and that it occurred during a routine training mission“.

The 113th Wing has its headquarters at the base. He added

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U.S Military Fighter Jet F-16 crashes Near Joint Base Andrews

In a statement by the Joint Base Andrews, They counted that the said Jet was flying along with other Air National Guard in a routine training Mission, though the Jet only contained the pilot.

The Base added that the pilot escaped with the aid of a parachute and did not sustain any injuries.

The residence who gave there ordeal, said at an early hours of the Morning they were hearing the Sounds of jets, which they do hear everyday because the base was close to them.

But few hours again they heard a big Noise, like that of a bomb. And it cased everyone to begin to run, While they were running, many of them saw flames of fire and a thick Black smoke coming from the scene of the Incident.

An eye-witness made known that he also saw the Pilot in a parachute coming down after he ejected from the Jet.

Military officials locked down the area as they investigate the cause of the crash.

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