UNICEF/SPIC Examination Question & Answer with Full Payment Details  – Based on the scholarship scheme/ award that is intended to all Nigeria,  Most of our lovely fans have be asking if the message about paying 1200 in the bank and to still get ready for exams on 12-14 may 2016 sent to them is really real, and how they can pay money for scholarship. Just check down because all you need have been provided you you all.

UNICEF/SPIC Examination Question & Answer with Full Payment DetailsUNICEF/SPIC Examination Question & Answer with Full Payment Details

Exam Pattern:

The UNICEF/SPIC is only trying to inform you that the exam is going to be an online examination. So you can use your PC, Laptop, Tablet and other Smart devices, to access and participate for the exam any where you may be at the time of the exam (12th to 14th May 2016).

Exam Date for 2016 UNICEF/SPIC Scholarship:

The exam date is holding on 12th to 14th May 2016. And going to be online exam.

Is This The First Time Exam is Holding??

This is not the first and this will not be the last, because so may organization are sponsoring this to help poor Africans to study and gain admission abroad.

Will They Charge For The Exam??

Yes you MOST pay money but a very little money. For example if the total cost for the scholarship is $5,000 they might reduce it to maybe $1,500 or $2,000. While UNICEF/SPIC take care of the rest payment for you. That is the scholarship. It is NOT a %100 free scholarship. You Most pay something.

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This is one of the most important reason DailiesRoom.com Team try our best to follow this UNICEF/SPIC scholarship event so that all our lovely fans and other people out their will not be fraud for any reason. So just incase you receive any mail from UNICEF/SPIC for payment or anything, please make sure to send a copy of that mail to DailiesRoom@gmail.com, this will enable us to review the mail and we advice you to carry on for payment.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are ask to visit this Website www.myunicefspicexams.com, then you have to beware, this is because this site is just newly created (New Domain)

The comment box is always free for you to comment on UNICEF/SPIC Examination Question & Answer with Full Payment Details and also share your though or confusion so that our team can assist you better.

Good Luck.


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