How to Update Whatsapp Profile Photo

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Whatsapp profile photo is the first thing anybody will look in other to know who he/she is having a chat with. Without a profile photo, one won’t be satisfy with the chat he/she is having with you because this days a person will not chat with someone he does not know or seen his/her photo. On How to Update Whatsapp Profile Photo, one need follow the proper steps which will be under-listed.

There is a saying that says “Do not judge a book by it’s cover”. The way the cover of a book looks, do not determine  what’s written in it, the reverse applies to your whatsapp profile photo. A good update of  of your profile photo can make anybody looking at your profile want to chat with you. how sweet your profile picture is determines who chats with you. the procedure below will give you a proper guideline on how to Update your profile photo on whatsapp. Carefully follow the steps.

How to Update Whatsapp Profile Photo – change whatsapp profile picture android and moreHow to Update Whatsapp Profile Photo

  •  Go to WhatsApp >Application Menu (swipe down from the top of the screen to see it)
  •  Click on Settings
  •  Select  Profile Info
  •  Tap your profile photo
  •  Then tap Set Photo to take a new profile photo or upload an existing photo.

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Now your profile photo has being updated. And you now know how to change whatsapp profile picture iphone, change whatsapp profile picture android, change whatsapp profile pic on samsung s4, change whatsapp profile picture lumia, change whatsapp profile picture lumiachange whatsapp profile picture samsung, change whatsapp profile picture blackberry, change whatsapp profile picture galaxy s3 and other SMARTPHONES.

please read:  Blocked contacts will not see any updates to your profile photo and status.Depending on your privacy configuration, your profile photo and name may be visible to anyone on WhatsApp  contacts only.

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