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US election 2016 – Trump takes tremendous lead over Clinton

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US election 2016 – Trump takes tremendous lead over Clinton

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Trump takes tremendous lead over Clinton – Indeed it’s so tremendous as Trump take the lead against his rival, Hillary Clinton in the Election. He won Florida, Ohio, Iowa and North Carolina, He has taken the key swing states that will decide the white house election. it has been tears at Clinton’s HQ and cheers at Trump’s HQ.

While Democrat Clinton took Virginia and Nevada, ABC projects. Pennsylvania is too close to call. New Hampshire, Michigan and Wisconsin,  which were meant to be part of the Clinton firewall  are deadlocked, too.

Trump takes tremendous lead over ClintonUS election 2016 - Trump takes tremendous lead over Clinton

Trump’s Ohio win was a big boost to him, as no Republican has ever taken the White House without winning the Midwestern bellwether. There was mood of despair as Hillary Clinton’s supporters thought they’d arrived for a victory party, and the roofing at the convention centre in New York doubled as a metaphor – a giant glass ceiling ready, symbolically at least, to be shattered. But under it the mood fast changed to concern and fretfulness as early all, important swing states, like Florida and Ohio, went to Donald Trump. Nervousness turned to utter disbelief as reliably blue Democratic states like Michigan and Wisconsin looked to be turning red. The famed blue wall, which has made the Democrats so strong in presidential politics, looked to be crumbling before their eyes. Now the mood is one of despair.

At Trump headquarters across town, his fans were cheering and chanting about the Democratic nominee: “Lock her up!” The Republican candidate earlier racked up wins in the Midwest and South, while Clinton swept the Northeast, ABC News projects. As expected, he has been victorious in the Republican strongholds of Utah, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina, Nebraska, Indiana, West Virginia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Texas, ABC projects. And he took Georgia, Missouri, Montana, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho and Wyoming,  all solidly conservative states.

A candidate must secure 270 of the 538 electoral college votes to declare victory. Voting has now ended everywhere but Alaska, and full results are expected imminently.US election 2016 - Trump takes tremendous lead over Clinton


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