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Venngage is one right platform for your free infographics, as you can make enough infographics with the wonderful tools on the platform for free. In this article, I will be tutoring you on Venngage Review and Sign up steps that you will need to get started.

If you will love to tell your stories and present your data with infographics, then you have to trust me when I say you will definitely love making use of this platform as it is very much loaded with the needed tools

Creating your Venngage account is easy as A, B, C, D, and the basic steps have been outlined in this article, all you have to do is to read and follow the guidelines and your account will be up and running.

When you talk about infographics, they make data and processes accessible and memorable. On Venngage, you can choose from a 100+ infographic template and follow the basics to set it up as you want.

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There are lots of businesses already using Venngage today and you can sign up and be part of them. Read this review to know more about the platform.

Venngage Review

You don’t need to be a designer before you can make infographics, as a matter of fact, Venngage customizable templates for infographics, presentations, reports and social media visuals, can make you become a design magician with just a few clicks.

In this review, we will take a dive into the features, pricing, the basic sign up and sign in steps, and more. So carefully read on to know what the platform has for you and probably for your business.

Venngage Features

  • Data visualization
  • Customizable infographic templates and themes
  • Easy drag and drop
  • Free-form design canvas
  • Share seamlessly on social media

You can get the full feature when you visit from your browser.

Venngage Pricing

In as much as you want the best, you will definitely see the pricings as very affordable. However, Venngage offers you a free account though as a student, but you will get the right features to assist through your studentship times. The other plans offered are;

Business plan:

This plan cost $49/month and it comes with the following

Templates & Infographics

  • Business Templates
  • Premium Templates
  • Custom Templates
  • Unlimited Infographics
  • 500 Image Uploads
  • Add Multiple Pages


  • Your Brand
  • Organize With Folders
  • My Templates

Charts & Icons

  • Premium Charts
  • Premium Icons


  • Export to PNG & PDF
  • Export to Hi-Res PNG
  • Interactive PDFs

Privacy & Sharing

  • Privacy Controls & Team Sharing
  • Team Collaboration


  • Priority Email & Chat Support
  • Phone Support
  • 1-1 Consultation
  • Private Community Group
  • Live Training Workshops

Premium Plan:

This plan cost $19/month and it has the following to offer

Templates & Infographics

  • Premium Templates
  • 50 Image Uploads
  • Add Multiple Pages

Charts & Icons

  • Premium Charts
  • Premium Icons


  • Export to PNG & PDF

Privacy & Sharing

  • Privacy Controls


  • Standard Email & Chat Support

Venngage Sign Up

Follow the steps below to sign up for a free account on Venngage. You can upgrade to one of the paid plans later after you might get the idea of how you can use the platform.

  1. Go to the official website of Venngage at
  2. Click on “Sign Up For Free” on the page and you will be directed to the next page
  3. On the next page, enter your First name, last name, email address, and create a password
  4. Then click on Sign Up

You can also sign up with your Facebook or Google account by clicking on their respective button.Venngage Review & Sign Up For Sign In

Venngage Sign In

To sign in to your Venngage account, simply follow the steps given below

  • Go to and click on the Sign-in link at the top right side of the page
  • Then enter your registered email address and password in the space provided for it
  • Click on the ‘Sign in’ button. Alternatively, click on the Facebook or Google account button to use any of the platforms to access your Venngage account.

How To Reset Venngage Forgotten Password

You don’t have to ignore your account simply because you can’t remember your password, instead, you can reset it quickly by using the steps given below.

  1. Go to the sign-in page by using the steps under Venngage sign in given above
  2. On the page, click on the “forgot your password” link
  3. Then enter the email address associated with your account in the space provided for it
  4. Click on Submit

You will receive a link in the email, simply follow it to reset your password successfully.

If you have any questions on this Venngage review and sign up article, feel free to relate it with by using the comment box below. Also, share this article on your social media account so that others can know about it.

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