How to View Someone’s Instagram Live Video | Like/Comment on Live video

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In a post previously Updated on how to start live Stream on Instagram, We taught you what live streaming was all about and how it’s more like that of Facebook, Whatsapp and Snapchat. Now to view Someone’s Instagram live video, You will also need to focus on the guides in this Post.

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How to View Someone’s Instagram Live Video

It’s easy to view someone’s Live Video on Instagram, Follow the Guide below;

⇔ You can view an Instagram live video when the Person you follow Shares one.

⇔ Their Profile Picture gets to appear at the top of your Feed with a ring-like color around it.

⇔ The Word LIVE is used for it.

⇔ Now in other to view their Live Video, Tap their profile picture.

Know that when you start viewing someone’s live video, that person sharing the video and every other person viewing it at that moment may be able to see that you’ve joined.

How to Comment/like on Instagram Live video

Well, why you are viewing the Live Video, you might want to comment on the video or Probably Like the video. See guide below;

⇔ To comment; At the bottom of the Screen Tap Comment, Then Leave your comment.

⇔ To like Someone’s video; Also at the bottom of the Screen you will see the Love(Heart ) Symbol. Simply Tap on it.

Now Anyone viewing that same Video, will see When you Like or Comment. You can also hide Likes and comments by Tapping the Screen.

That’s All to view Someone’s Live Video on Instagram and also to like or comment on a video.

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