VLC Media Player Free Download & VLC Media Player Free Installation

VLC Media Player just like KMPlayer, PotPlayer, GOM Player, Media Monkey, Windows Media Players, and more is just very easy and simple to even proceed to VLC Media Player Free Download & Installation.

After Free Albums Full Songs Download from most download song platforms like www.zamob.co.za Mp4 songs or www.waptrick.com Download Mp3 Musics, we then understand that you will need an amazing player to play the songs which you download and this is one of the reasons you are looking for VLC Player Download and Installation.

VLC Media Player Free Download can only be done in just two ways regardless of the Smart Mobile Phone you really wish to install the amazing music playing app to your mobile phone.

But in the case of those searching for other things like vlc media player download 32 bit windows 7, or media player for pc, ete, I will be also showing you here the easy ways you can as well proceed to download all that for free.

So without taking much of the time here in this post again today, I will also like you to understand that there are few things which are required of you if only you wish to download this amazing vlc player for android or iOS.

VLC Media Player Requirements

Trust me when I say that much is really not required from you at all, but then you will just have to take note of the following details below.

1. Like you should know that you need a mobile phone or computer that is well connected to the internet.
2. With the mobile phone or computer which you want to download this too, you will have to make sure that you have a strong internet connection and also space to download the VLC APK
3. Lastly, you will have to know the official site to visit in other to proceed to your download if you are not downloading from your play store.

So here you go. These are the most important things that you need in other to proceed to your download.

Meanwhile, I will also like you to quickly check below to see the list to the platform that is supported for VLC Download and Installation.

VLC Media Player Download That Is Currently Available

If you have been searching for vlc media player free download, you will have to first check below to see the platform that is available for download for windows, GNU/Linux, Apple Platforms, and Other Systems

Get VLC for Windows
Get VLC for Windows Store
Get VLC for Windows Phone

Get VLC for Debian GNU/Linux
Get VLC for Ubuntu
Get VLC for Mint
Get VLC for openSUSE
Get VLC for Gentoo Linux
Get VLC for Fedora
Get VLC for Arch Linux
Get VLC for Slackware Linux
Get VLC for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Apple Platforms
Get VLC for Mac OS X
Get VLC for iOS
Get VLC for Apple TV

Other Systems
Get VLC for Android
Get VLC for Chrome OS
Get VLC for FreeBSD
Get VLC for NetBSD
Get VLC for OpenBSD
Get VLC for Solaris
Get VLC for QNX
Get VLC for OS/2

Now before you proceed to see how you can download any of this to your device, it might also interest you to know that some other thing you stand the chance to enjoy.

Features of VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player supports various plugins and is a modular platform and therefore supports, all the video formats

1. VLC Player can be without spending a buck.
2.VLC Player Plays almost all the codecs without the use of any additional codecs
3. VLC Player has plenty of music visualization options.
4. VLC Player plays all videos including webcams, devices, and streams
5. VLC Player let you customize the VLC Player by changing its skin and installing extensions
6. VLC Player runs on almost all platforms
7. VLC Player can play even incomplete and broken video and audio files.

So that is just it. you can now proceed below to see how you can download for your own platform.

VLC Media Player Free Download for Windows 10, for android, mac, iOS

Just like I previously told you above that there are two ways in which one can as well proceed to download the VLC App successfully. These ways are Via the official site and your App store, so check below to see how is been done from the official site.

For any of that above-listed device that is currently available for VLC Media Player download, below is the process to follow.

  • Visit the official download link site at https://www.videolan.org/vlc/#download
  • The Official Downloads of VLC media player page will open for you to select the platform you are downloading to.
  • Click on any of them and proceed to VLC Media Player Free Installation.

So here you go. With is process, you can download and install your VLC player successfully.

Other Way Of VLC Download for Android or iOS

Even without been told, you should know that it is your Play Store (for Android users) or Apple Store for iOS (iPad and iPhone).

So once you visit the app store via your phone, you can proceed to search for what you are want to download like Eg. “VLC Media Player”, and after which you have to find it, then you can proceed to download by clicking on it. After download, it will quickly install to your mobile phone.

So that is it. I believe this above info has given you an answer to VLC Media Player Free Download Guide & VLC Media Player Free Installation Process? Please remember that you can as well use the comment box below in asking any of your questions too.


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