War for Gerrard and Lampard in MLS

War for Gerrard and Lampard in MLSSteven Gerrard who now plays for Los Angeles Galaxy and Frank Lampard at New York City FC meet in Carson on Sunday in a match being hyped as the greatest star-studded clash in MLS history, pitting two of the league’s big-spending sides against both legend. War for Gerrard and Lampard

MLS: War for Gerrard and Lampard

According to Gerrard report on Friday “I’m sure Frank agrees it’s slightly embarrassing to have all focus on you when it’s Los Angeles Galaxy vs New York,”

“It’s about the game and the three points.

“we understand it that — we’ve played with each other for so many years. (The rivalry) it’s real.
“When that whistle goes and we’re challenging for 90 minutes against each other, it’s war.

“We fight against each other, we always have. When the whistle goes to an end there’s a mutual deference there. We’ve always got on off the pitch regardless of what people will say.

“So if Lampard plays from the start or if he comes on we become enemies, and when the game’s over we become friends once more.

“I’ve got nothing but deference and admiration for him as a player. We’re both winners we’re both professional. But he’s coming into the arena for 3 points and I want the three points to stay here so that’s where the rivalry start.”

Remember that Gerrard and Lampard have faced each other on 33 match, with Lampard winning 15 to 11. However the 37-year-old has undergone a patch start to his MLS career, with injuries restricting his appearances for New York.

The formal England captain (legend) said he had been taken by surprise at the standard of the MLS, stating the Galaxy would give a nice account of themselves if they were playing in English competitions.

Steven said “For sure, The level is a lot tougher than what other people recommended when I came. I’ve been really surprised.

“We’ve got a very good team in this arena, I’m playing for the winners and they know how to win.”

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