Wayne Rooney international goal record matches Lionel Messi, beats Cristiano Ronaldo and Sir Bobby Charlton

Wayne Rooney international goal record matches Lionel Messi, beats Cristiano Ronaldo and Sir Bobby Charlton. The England boss Roy Hodgson and Alan ShearerWayne Rooney international goal record – The Manchester United striker notched his 50th England strike against Switzerland and former Three Lions skipper Shearer hailed his achievement. According to England Former captain Alan Shearer, that Wayne Rooney “should be a very proud person” after he achievement England’s record goalscorer last night.

History noted that the formal Manchester United man, Sir Bobby Charlton who scored 49 goals, was the owner of the all time England scorer, but now recreated by another Manchester United man with one ahead of Sir Bobby Charlton.

Alan Shearer and Roy Hodgson on Wayne Rooney international goal record

Alan Shearer the Former England skipper was quick to praise the 29-year-old, and believes Rooney’s mark will be tough to bear. This are his statement on BBC

“When you look at how long the record has stood then he should be a very proud person, It’s a fantastic achievement to have stayed at the top for so many years. He’s been around for so many years and no-one has come in and taken the shirt off him and I can’t see anyone doing that for the next few years.”

And also reference some of the important goals scored by Wayne Rooney below. Wayne Rooney international goal record

“The accusation that will always be thrown at him is that he hasn’t produced at a major tournament,” he said. I can understand that and also people will say there are easier games nowadays, but his record goals per games is excellent. It’s not his fault extra teams or so-called weaker teams were put in competitions. He did his job, he scored goals and he broke the record.”

According to Rooney statement below, talking about the joy of finally breaking the record.

“This is such a huge moment for myself and my family in my career,” he said following the game.

“So I am grateful, it means the world to me and thank you very much.

England boss Roy Hodgson was also quick to praise his captain.

“You can’t do much more than be No1,” he said. “Sir Bobby Charlton is a legend, one of the finest players I ever saw play or will ever see play, and I won’t diminish or debase Sir Bobby’s legendary status because Wayne has one goal more.

“You can’t make comparisons. We’re talking about two fantastic players, and I’m lucky enough to have one I can pick in the team and still use him.”

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