Is good you also know that one best way to make Free, Cool and Easy money is through ONLINE and it really pleases me to see you are also wanting to know What Color Indicate You Won Bet9ja on

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Now before trying to know what Color Indicate You Won Bet9ja, is also good, you know that there are other COLORs in BET9JA that also indicate some other this. So check them out below.

Types Of Bet9ja colors And What It Stands For.





5. ASH COLORSWhat Color Indicate You Won Bet9ja on

Now, this are the FIVE (5) different colors you can find on Bet9ja Account both on Mobile App or via the website at or

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So before I proceed in telling what these colors mean, I think is good you know What Color Indicate You Won Bet9ja First before explaining others.

What Color Indicate You Won Bet9ja

The Color that shows or indicate one has WON or WIN a game is none other but the Number One on the “Types Of Bet9ja colors” which is the GREEN COLOR.

The Green Color simple means you’ve WON or WIN a game when you predict Game(s) on Bet9ja.

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So check out below to also know what Other Bet9ja Colour Means or stands for on bet9ja…

  • RED COLOR Means Lost – Just the opposite of green. That is when you predict a game wrong.
  • YELLOW COLOR Means Running – This is when a game is still in play or still playing and not yet finished.
  • ORANGE COLOR Means Being Processed – This is when your games are in check for payment.
  • ASH COLOR Means Cancelled – This is when a game is been terminated; like canceling a game in other not to play again.

Now, after checking your COUPON and see any COLOR with either Green, Red, Yellow, Ash or Orange Color Icon by the side of each game, I believed you now know what they all stand for.

What more can we say; Unbehelf of DAILIESROOM.COM we’ll like to advise you to always bet wisely and keep winning. Please you can also use the SHARE BUTTON ICONs below in sharing this post with your friends

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