What’s the Difference? Resume VS Curriculum Vitae Format

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Job Applicants find it difficult most at times to differentiate between a Resume and a Curriculum Vitae, While some Mistake the resume for the Curriculum Vitae and Vice Versa. Well, don’t stone me yet, as both of them are used for same purpose, Which is for “JOB APPLICATION“. Today, we will be checking out Resume VS Curriculum Vitae format and see where we are getting it wrong.

When you apply for most jobs, that’s when a Resume comes in. But if you want to apply for academic or research positions, then it’s curriculum vitae.

What is a Resume?

A Resume is a written document used by a person to present their backgrounds and skills. It is Mostly used to secure a new Employment. What is contained in a Resume is Mostly job experience and education. It is preferred by most Professional Organizations to be submitted along with a cover letter as part of Aplication Process.

What is a Curriculum vitae (CV)?

It’s abbreviated as a CV, Most of us are familiar with this One. A curriculum Vitae (CV) in latin stands for Course of Life. It is a Summary of Your Life career History that is basically used to get Noticed by potential Employers.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) basically describes your academic and professional achievements.

The CV Covers what the Resume can’t cover.

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What’s the Difference? Resume VS Curriculum Vitae Format

Mainly Contains skills you’ve HadMainly Contains your academic accomplishments
It is used Mostly when Applying for positions in industry, non-profit, and public sector.It is Used when applying for positions in academia, fellowships and grants.
Not more than 2 pages, with an additional page for publications and/or poster presentations if the need be i.e short, no particular format ruleThe pages depends on experience acquired and includes a list of publications, posters, and presentations i.e long, covers your entire career, static
Less Details; Limited personal InformationMore Details; Elaborate Personal information

Summarizing Resume Vs Curriculum Vitae

Have it in mind that they are three Major differences you have to Note in the Resume and Curriculum Vitae – length, purpose and layout ( format).

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