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We all know that once in a month Whatsapp Upgrade alert comes to users. I have come to understand that so many people seems not to know how to upgrade Whatsapp on  BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Nokia and other Whatsapp enable devices.

Everything we do with whatsapp are not free… I don’t know if any one will doubt that?

If you do then let me ask you this, how many times have you been able to use whatsapp mobile application with a data bundle, or without an internet connection, or credit on your smartphone? I guess your answer is “No Time”.

Then good, because this has brings us to Whatsapp Upgrade best alternative. But before then I think its important to know’

Possible Reason Why your Whatsapp upgrade failed

There are possible reason which MIGHT be why your Whatsapp or other application will fail to upgrade.

  • Your smartphone connection settings
  • No Data Bundle or Credit
  • Not following the right step to upgrade your Whatsapp

This brings us now into the main topic …

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Here Is Whatsapp Upgrade Best Alternative steps

We all know that all this smartphones has its mobile stores…

How to Upgrade Whatsapp for Nokia and Nokia Android

If you are using Nokia phones (Not Nokia Android) and you have tried the normal way of upgrading and yet not succeeding then you have to delete the whatsapp you have already, then go to www.whatsapp.com/download. But if the Nokia Android then you will have to visit the Nokia Store —-> search for whatsapp ——> click to download or upgrade.

How to Upgrade Whatsapp for BlackBerry

If you are using  a blackberry then all you have to is uninstall the former Whatsapp and on your mobile phone visit the BlackBerry Store to download a new version or upgrade it.

How to Upgrade Whatsapp for Android and Tablet

For Android phone you also have to either uninstall the old whatsapp, then visit Google Play store to download the upgrade or new whatsapp version. This is also applicable to Tablet phones.

How to Upgrade Whatsapp for iPhone

For iPhone yo have to visit iTune then use the search bar to search for Whatsapp and has you start downloading it, you are automatically downloading the new version.


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