Woman suffered Burns after Headphone Caught Fire During Australia’s Flight : See details

Batteries are likely to catch fire and cause severe injuries if not properly Tamed. It has been reported by officials that a woman had suffered burns on her face and Hands after her headphone caught fire during her flight to Australia.


With the Previous news we all heard about on How Samsung Galaxy note 7 caught fire, Now a headphone caught fire and burnt a woman’s face. One should be careful on the use of all this devices with their Batteries.

Woman suffered Burns after Headphone Caught Fire : See details

The victim was said to be listening to music from her battery-powered headphones When she feel asleep, two hours during the flight from Beijing to Melbourne, lo and behold there was a loud explosion.

The Explosion which came from the Headphone that she was listening to music with caused her Face, Neck, Lips and even her hands a great burn.

In her statement she said to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) which investigated the incident that As she want to turn around, she felt burning on her face.

“I just grabbed my face which caused the headphones to go around my neck. I continued to feel burning so I grabbed them off and threw them on the floor.”

“They were sparking and had small amounts of fire.”

She added that “people inside the Plane with her were coughing and choking all the way, as the explosion caused so much smoke”.

Fellow passengers had to endure the smell of melted plastic, burnt electronics and singed hair for the rest of the flight.

With all this battery explosions we hear, Please one should be careful with all these devices.

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