www.canva.com/login – Canva Login With Facebook Account

There are many ways you can log in to your Canva Account and one of the ways is using your Facebook Account. This article will be tutoring you on the easy steps to Canva Login Using your Facebook Account. Canva is just like the Stocksnap Website that let you Browse millions of high-quality stock photos to create beautiful designs when you sign in to your account.

Millions of images, Photo Filters, Free Icons and shapes, hundred of Fonts are on Canva that you need to gain access to when you sign in using your Registered Email Address or Password, Your Facebook Account or even google account.

Canva provides easy-to-use features and functionality that anyone can use to create a different kind of engaging contents. You can design whatever it is that you want to Design, All you need to Do is Just Login and start working

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Canva.com Login Portal

Follow the steps below to access the login portal:

  1. Go to www.canva.com
  2. Click on Login at the top right
  3. Enter your Registered Email Address and Password
  4. Click Login to access your accountwww.canva.com/login - Canva Login With Facebook Account

Canva Login With Facebook Account

Canva will receive the following Facebook Information in order to access your account: Your Facebook name, profile picture, and email address.

  • Go to www.canva.com
  • Click on Login at the top right
  • Click on the Facebook icon
  • Enter your Facebook Email Address or Phone Number
  • Enter your Password and Click Login
  • Click on Continue_as Your Name to access your account.www.canva.com/login - Canva Login With Facebook Account

Canva also let you sign in using your Google Account, Simply Click on the Google icon on the Sign In page and follow prompts.

There are tons of features that you can access and make use of when you Sign In to your account using the Steps above.

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