The U.S. Department of State Electronic Diversity Visa Entrant Status Checks for DV-2019 applicants is available until September 30, 2019. But first, you will have to take note of the 2019 results check Requirements so as to be about to check yours successfully.

We have been previously updating you all about this Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery which you can see some of the links below. But then, we understand that the 2019 results check Requirements is one thing most of you don’t really know and even the procedure in checking this DV Lottery – Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery.

>>> 2019 Registration for DV-2020 – DV Lottery Results Check

>>> Apply for 2018/2019 Visa Lottery (American, Australian, & Canadian Visa Lotteries)

>>> Check Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery at official website

However, if you want to be among those to check this then you must have proceeded to 2019 registration and complete your Application. And just in case you really don’t know how to go about that then you can check out this like here: 2019 Registration for DV-2020

So, without taking much time here in this post again, let us then proceed to the requirements that you really need to for DV lottery 2019 status check with also a brief guide to Check 2019 DV Lottery. 2019 results check Requirements

Much is really not needed from you rather than this following Entrant Information below:

1. Confirmation Number:
In the space which you can see when you visit the Official U.S. Department of State Electronic Diversity Visa Entrant Status Check Portal, type the confirmation number that was given when you applied. NOTE: Just in case you have forgetting your Confirmation Number, Then you can VISIT HERE TO GET IT NOW

2. Last/Family Name:
You will have to Provide the Last/Family Name that was used on the Diversity Visa Lottery Form, including punctuation. For DV-2018 entries, if no name was provided, select the checkbox labeled “No Last/Family Name” below.

3. Year of Birth:
You will also have to Provide the year of birth for the primary entrant.

4. Authentication
Finally, Type the characters as they appear in the picture that you can see in other to confirm you are a human.

So this are the only required info needed for the 2019 results check. So now that you know this, let’s now proceed in showing you how to Check 2019 DV Lottery.

How To Check 2019 DV Lottery

This is very easy, believe me. But only when you know the official U.S. Department of State Electronic Diversity Visa Entrant Status Check Portal. So check this:

>>> Visit the official portal here

>>> Once the portal opens click on the blue button with CONTINUE

>>> Now when the next page opens, then you can provide the required info in the space, just as we have showed you above.

So that is all. Now you can check your DV Lottery for free.

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