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Christian movies on Netflix are easily accessible when you visit the Netflix official website and take the basic registration steps. Build your faith in God with wonderful Christian movies when you sign up on the platform, it is easy as A, B, C, D to create a profile and gain access to every faith-building movies available on www.netflix.com

Netflix is a streaming service that allows its members to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies (including Christian movies), documentaries, and more on thousands of internet-connected devices. And for you to get started, you must first create your account.

It is true that Netflix offers membership plans that you can subscribe to get the basics of service, but then you can use the platform for free especially for the period of free trial service (30-day free trial).

The Christian movies you find on the platform are family-friendly ones that can teach a great lesson when it comes to faith or spirituality in God. The movies are focused on religious and spiritual realms and tell some very inspiring stories that can change a life.

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Are Christian Movies Free To Watch?

Yes, they are free to watch, but it is when you are on your free trial account. Netflix offers a membership service where members choose and pay for a plan that best suits them, which after your free trial service, you will pay to continue watching movies on Netflix.

I have given an article which contains the plans and pricing on Netflix, and you can read it up HERE

Popular Faith & Spiritual Movies On Netflix

  • Overcomer
  • A.D Kingdom and empire
  • The story of God with morgan freeman
  • Freshman year
  • I’m in love with a church girl
  • Same kind of different as me
  • Jesus Code
  • The healer
  • The secret
  • Buddha
  • Nothing to lose
  • All saints
  • Yunus Emre
  • Seven Years in Tibet
  • Soul surfer
  • Swami Baba Ramdev: The untold story
  • Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan
  • Ram Dass, going home
  • Holy camp
  • Devlok With Devdutt Pattanaik
  • On yoga: The architecture of peace
  • Sat Sri Akal
  • Footprints: The path of your life
  • Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan 2
  • Holy man 3
  • The holy man
  • Holy man 2

The aforementioned are the popular movies you will see on the platform, you can also search for Christian movies that you know of, which you will love to watch again if it is not listed in the popular category.

Before you can gain access to the Christian movies available on the platform, you will have to Join (create an account ) first. So read on

Netflix Free Trial Sign Up

Your Free trial sign-up on Netflix gets you started on the movie platform. But after the period elapses, you will be billed based on the card details you provided during the sign up (you can cancel at any time).  Follow the steps below to sign up for a free trial account (30-day free trial).

  • Go to the official website of Netflix at www.netflix.com from your browser.
  • Enter your valid email address in the space provided for it and click on “Join us“.
  • On the next page, click on See the plans and select the plan that best suits your needs and click Continue
  • Then click on Continue again and on the next page, enter your valid email address and create your password, then click on “Continue”www.netflix.com Faith Movies Sign Up | Christian Movies On Netflix
  • Next, set up your membership by clicking on the credit or debit card link and the next page, enter your first name, last name.
  • Enter your card number, the expiry date (MM/YY), security code (CVV), and check (√) the “agree” box.
  • Then click “Start Membership” and your free account will be created successfully.

How To Login & Watch Christian Movies On Netflix

You will need to sign in to your Netflix account before you can be able to watch movies on the platform. See the steps given below.

  • Go to the Christian movies page HERE and “Sign In” at the top right side of the page
  • Enter your registered email address or phone number and password
  • Then click on Sign in and you will be taken to your account
  • Now, select from the list of movies displayed on the page and click on the play icon to start watching.

Trust me when I say whichever movie you find on the platform that you need to watch to grow you spiritually in God will definitely give you what you expected. Just take the basic steps given above and you are good to go.

Netflix Mobile App Download For Christian Movies

You can also log in on the Netflix mobile app to access Christian movies, and with the app, even if you are on the go, you can watch movies provided there is a good internet connection.

If you don’t have the Netflix mobile app yet, simply tap on your device supported link below to download for free

Meanwhile, if you have any questions relating to these Christian movies on Netflix article, feel free to use the comment box below.


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