To Check Bet9ja Betslip online is an easy task to carry out as it let’s one know the Status of the game that has been played, whether you win or you lose. You can Check your betslip online if you have an account or not with the platform. So carefully read this article to know how you can Check your Coupon by yourself at

Most at times you place a bet and monitor the progress of the Game Either via Livescore App, or you watch the game live at any viewing Center. But there are Some games that we don’t See on most Score Apps or even watch. So how do you Know if those games has been Won, Knowing the fact that it’s included in your betslip?

Instead of walking down to a bet9ja outlet to ask to to help you Check your betslip if it was won or not, you can do it on your Mobile phone and know the outcome of it before heading down to claim your Money if it was won (ofcourse we all pray to win)

Have in mind that you don’t need to Sign up for Bet9ja Account in other to be able to Check your Betslip – How to Easily Check Bet9ja Betslip Online

The steps below can be used either on Mobile Phone or PC, as long as there is an internet Connection.

For PC

  • Go to
  • Under Coupon Check at the right Side of the Page, Enter your betslip Code e.g B911CQTQCETCPW-1245174
  • Then Click on the arrow Button and your Betslip will be - How to Easily Check Bet9ja Betslip Online

For Mobile phone

  • From your Web browser, go to
  • Then Click on Menu at the left down Side of the Screen
  • Next Click on Check
  • Under Check Coupon, Enter the Betslip Code and Tap on Check and your betslip will be - How to Easily Check Bet9ja Betslip Online

Note the following:

A GREEN Color throughout means you’ve won the Game and you can go for you Money at the Center you Booked the game

A RED Color means the game has been Lost.

With the above, You have Successfully Checked your Bet9ja Slip.

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