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Yahoo Music is the official provider of music services on the yahoo platform from internet radio to artist information and even original programming. Yahoo Music Download happens to be one of the many products and services of the yahoo platform and company.

The amazing part of this Yahoo Music is that users on the platform with registered accounts could get access to tons of music and songs. The contents of the platform were categorized or sorted by albums, artists, songs, and genres.

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Yahoo Music Download

Yahoo music once used to be one f the most complete platforms when it comes to music, both global and local. However, Yahoo music originally began as LAUNCH. I bet you never knew this. LAUNCH, then was a website and magazine acquired by yahoo in 2001 for $12 million. The platform ‘LAUNCH’ was later rebranded to yahoo music and then ‘y music’ in February 2005. Later in 2008, it was announced by the platform that merging was taking place. After the merge was completed in 2008, yahoo music unlimited was completely shut down.

Fast-forward to 2011, yahoo music became the main radio player for CBS and AOL radio making the switch to barakadas. Unfortunately, the music arm and website for this platform were consolidated into the yahoo entertainment website and platform which later the yahoo music sites URL redirects to yahoo entertainment having its own music section.

How To Access And Download Yahoo Music

Trust me when I say that is really not A big deal at all. But first, you need to understand that the yahoo music platform does not have its own website, the only thing that happened was that it was consolidated into another product, a bigger product. The name of this product and platform is yahoo entertainment.

On the yahoo entertainment platform, you will find the yahoo music tool and category. Here is where you find the platform services that you can as well enjoy.

The experience will not be as when you used to visit the platforms main website. To access this platform you really do not need to have a registered account. All you need is an internet-enabled device. On your internet-enabled device, go to Yahoo Music.

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Yahoo Music Category Features and Menu

On the yahoo music category you will find trending and updated music news. Now that it is now integrated on the yahoo entertainment platform, it’s strictly is about entertainment.

If you are looking for information about your favorite song artists and shows, this is the place to look out for. When you visit this platform in search for information you will not be disappointed. Many yahoo users and non-users are already making use of the platform.


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