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We recently wrote about Facebook Account Registration – Fb Account Sign Up/ Facebook Sign In as well as How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently, Meanwhile why we’re letting you know all this is because Most People thinks or have been been compering Account Vs Account. And this is why we are here to tell you all you need to know About YouTube Video Account; YouTube Account Registration, YouTube Account Sign Up and LogIn.

About YouTube Account
First of all you most understand that is a Web Site own by GOOGLE and this is why you Account on YouTube can be easily created with Gmail Account. is a video Site where you can Watch Video, Upload Video Video with your YouTube Account Channel, Like, Subscribe, Watch Later, Watch History and among all YouTube Google Account let you see current things that is happening in the world. This is why Facebook is not as the same as YouTube, Facebook is an online social media and social networking service.YouTube Account Registration | YouTube Sign Up - LogIn
Meanwhile, to make this YOUTUBE SIGN UP ACCOUNT easy for you, you most first Create a Google Account to sign in to YouTube, with this Gmail Email Account you have automatically Create YouTube Account Fast, but you just have to LogIn YouTube to click on Sign In To officially Register YouTube Account.


With One Google Email Account, You can access All google Accounts with Gmail like Google Plus Account, YouTube Account, Google Maps, Google Email Address and more, all you just need do is to login to any of All google Accounts with Gmail and click on Sign In Or LogIn to Make the Account Active. But check out the one of YouTube Free Account Below:


  1. Create Google Email Account to Sign In to YouTube
  2. Then Logon to the Official YouTube Video Account
  3. Click on “SIGN IN” in the top right side. (Please make sure your Gmail Account is been login with this browser you are opening the YOUTUBE Account)
  4. Then Click on Create Account. and start you set up.


YouTube LogIn or YouTube SignIn Is as easy a ABC, Once you have login your GMail account before in your browser and click on SAVE, and also open your YOUTUBE Account Before you will not need to login again. But just in case he doesn’t go out that way, Below are Steps

  1. Logon to
  2. In the top right, click Sign in.
  3. Then Sign In with you User ID

To Register for YouTube or Create YouTube Account is good but Note that if you are an eligible TRIO student under 13, YouTube rules do not allow you to create an account On YouTube Video Account. Please use the comment box below for your recommendation or question on YouTube Account Registration | YouTube Sign – LogIn


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