5 Financial saving tips for the holiday season – Holiday preparations

Christmas holiday is around the corner, Are you tired of starting a new year with a handful of debt? Be smart and shop smartly this holiday season to enable you stay of those debts that weighs you down. This 5 financial saving tips that will be explained in  this post will help you cut out unnecessary spending and debt and give you a tangible smile after the holiday.

Just a little budgeting during the holiday can save you a lot from financial meltdown after the holiday. To save you the financial meltdown after the holiday, we’ve come up with this 5 saving tips just for the holiday preparation.

5 Financial saving tips for the holiday season5 Financial saving tips for the holiday season - Holiday preparations

Here are the financial tips for your holiday season which at the end you can smile tangibly and say indeed, it’s the best holiday ever.

  1. Decide How much you are willing to spend

Before you think of going near a store, what should cross your mind first should be how much you are willing to spend.  people over look the little extras when they draft a budget, which is not suppose to be so. That is why the author of “financial security in troubled times” Ric Edelman said “most people go about it all wrong“. So decide what you will spend before you go near a store.

2. Make a list and go through it Twice

If you don’t have enough money to cover up your holiday budget, then make sure you go through the list you’ve made and know the expenses that you need to cut down.  “Focus on the amount you will spend and not what you will buy” said Ric Edelman.

3. Spend within your budget

Shopping with someone who can provide a voice of reason is the best way to keep from overspending. stick to what you planned on spending, be disciplined in your spending and don’t be the kind that goes out of the list.

4. Pay cash

Set a limit of you spending and pay the money out without owing for anything, and when that money is gone then it’s over. you don’t have to pay later when you have the money available. You can pay by cash, cheque or debit cards.

5. Cultivate enough time habit for your holiday preparations

Whether you’re shopping, baking or wrapping presents to send across-country, budgeting your time can end up saving you lots of money. To avoid buying things at a costlier price, then all you should do is to cultivate enough time practice i.e get the things you need on time before the period of celebrations.

With these aforementioned tips, then your holiday preparation has gotten you out of unnecessary spending and debt after the new year.

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