Afghan Forces Retake Kunduz City Center From Taliban

Afghan Forces Retake Kunduz CityAfghan troops recaptured the center of the strategic northern city of Kunduz on Thursday after fierce clashes with Taliban militants, three days after losing the provincial capital in a humbling defeat and its US allies.

As we all know that fighting continued on the outskirts of the city, whose capture represented a major victory for the insurgents and raised questions over whether NATO-trained Afghan forces were ready to go it alone now that most foreign combat troops have left.

Residents still in hiding: Afghan Forces Retake Kunduz City Center

According to Terrified residents, that there was heavy fighting overnight as the Afghan forces moved in.

“There were very heavy air strikes during the night. Those strikes prompted the Taliban to escape,” Kunduz resident Abdul Qadir Anwari said on Thursday morning.

“Right now Afghan security forces are on the streets and fighting with the Taliban in some areas outside the city. Shops are still closed and people aren’t leaving their houses.”

Accoring to Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid that fighting continued on Thursday.Afghan Forces Retake Kunduz City Center From Taliban

“It was our tactic to vacate the city to allow enemy troops enter so we could encircle them,” he said.

And also a spokesman for the Western coalition did not comment directly on what role its team played in the overnight offensive, if any, saying that they were “involved in Kunduz” in an advisory role.

“Our service members retain the right to protect themselves, if necessary, while performing their advise-and-assist mission,” spokesman Col. Brian Tribus added.

Afghan Forces Retake Kunduz City Center From Taliban
He also confirmed there had been five US air strikes against Taliban positions near the Kunduz city and airport since fighting broke out on Monday “to eliminate threats to coalition and Afghan forces.”

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