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Godly Inspired massage for World

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Godly Inspired massage for World

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Godly Inspired massage – You see If there are words for him then, I Don’t have the word. you see my brain is no yet rich the point where i can form a though to adequately describe the greatness of my God, and my heart can not even breath out the greatness of his love, and my voice; you see my voice is so inadvertent that is train by woman limit, that is hard to even sing the praise, so you see if there are word for him i don’t have then.

Godly Inspired massage

My God; his grace is remarkable, Macy are new-able, strength is impeachable, He is honorable, accountable, favorable, he’s unsearchable yet knowable, indefinable yet approachable, indescribable yet personal, He’s beyond comprehension, forwarder then imagination, concept to generation, King of ever nation,

But like i said, if there are world for him then i don’t have then, you see my worlds are few, am trying to capture the one true God for his lovely Amazing creature, using my vocabulary that will never due. but i use worlds as an expression, an expression of worship to a Saviour, a Saviour who is both worth and deceiving of my praise.

My heart will exult the lord blesses his name forever, he has wen my heart, he has cancel my since, bound then both together, today, he’s defeating me in your repairing, conquer me and your sin, He’s welcome me into his present, completely inviting me in, Because today, he lay him self right into my side, follow me with his Macy in the morning, draining me with his grace at night.

If there are words for my King, then i don’t have then.

But what i do have is good news, for my God know that man made worlds will never due, for the world we choose, that we use in pointing out the true. so he sent his son Jesus Christ leaving prove, he is the image of the invisible God, the first born of all Creation, provide him for all that is created, giving nothingness a information, if by his word is a stage power of his name, for his over all this and over all will he remains, Holy he his name, praise him for his life, the way he sacrificed is type, the humble son of God becoming the prefect sacrificed, praise him for his Death, so that your dark days we rose in victory.

He’s ever thing that was promise and ever thing that we need, so praise the amazing king, lift your voice and sing for one day he will return for us, and we will finally be united with our Saviour for eternity. So his not just world that i proclaim, for my words to his worlds, and this world have a name, hope has a name, joy has a name, peace has a name, love has a name and that name is Jesus Christ and Christ his name forever, the son of the living God.

This words i have now his form Him to me to you, if not for the Cross you thing we can come are cross Jesus, just worship him tonight as you Celebrate because the youngest old man love you most.

Thank you lord for your grace, Macy and goodness in our life, we just rich to haven to honor you, we bless you name because there is no one like you, you love; love that you don’t have a though for us, you choose to come to this world to dye for our since so we can life in freedom, grace, Macy and relationship with you Jesus. There is no one like you, truly in all the earth

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