Louis van Gaal Backs Wayne Rooney to end Everton drought

This is a challenge to the Man United captain as Louis van Gaal Backs Wayne Rooney to end goal drought against former club, Everton. As we all know that Wayne Rooney has failed to score against Everton since 2007 and has currently scored only one goal so far in the new EPL season.

Wayne Rooney is set to come back from his injury against Everton today and according to Van Gaal statment, he wants the England captain to increase his goal tally against his former club Everton.

Statement how Louis Van Gaal Backs Wayne Rooney To End Everton Drought

“So maybe against Everton he can change but his average is not so good [against them]. So it’s time that he changed that pattern,” he said.

“I don’t know [why his record is poor]. That you have to ask Wayne but I’m a manager who analyses opponents and gives him advice as to how we can disorganise Everton’s defence and then maybe he can score.

“That is what I’m doing, not only for Wayne but all the players, especially from the view of the team tactics rather than the individual tactics.”

Van Gaal refused to answer some question in other not to criticise Rooney’s all-round form this season despite.

“You cannot answer that because he’s part of the team,” he said. “He’s scored for us in the Champions League. So for me it is not so important who is scoring. We have scored a lot of goals.

“In the beginning your criticism was we don’t score goals but now we’ve scored a lot of goals and you’re picking up on an individual player and I don’t like that.

“He’s our captain so that’s very important because his influence is bigger than every other player in our group. He’s a very important player for me, his colleagues, everybody.

“Have we created enough chances? Yes, I think so. I think we have chances to score in every game. Also against Arsenal, after the first 20 minutes we have created a lot of chances. And also after [going behind] 3-0. So I think the spirit in the team is very good.

“It’s not a given in every team that you can create a lot of chances at 3-0 down and we did it, so that’s the positive thing. But of course it’s very important that out of your chances you score and against Arsenal we didn’t.”

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