Motion Tracking via Ethernet – Check Out

Motion Tracking via Ethernet  – Will you like to see something of “Mortal Engine” like dance piece.  Come to think of it, it possible to use a (security) camera connected via in Isadora to do motion tracking?  If yes, then is the following a good camera choice: check it out

Motion Tracking via Ethernet

Vivotek  IP8172
Spec:  1/2  Progressive CMOSResolution:  2560 X 1920Focal Length:   f = 2.8 ~ 12 mmCompression:  H.264, MJPEG & MPEG-4

Image Settings:

  • Adjustable image size, quality and bit rate
  • Time stamp, text overlay, flip & mirror
  • Configurable brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, white balance, exposure control, gain, backlight compensation, privacy masks
  • Scheduled profile settings

Please guys, if motion capture over ethernet is not an option, then given a distance from the camera to the computer of approximately 25′ – 30′ what is the best connection choice to transfer a camera image with the least amount of noise to the computer (MAC)?  (e.g.  Composite (RCA) to DV (USB) converter), BNC, etc

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