Ramos Backs Ronaldo Over Real Madrid Team Mate Outburst

Ramos Backs Ronaldo over Real Madrid team-mate outburst – Sergio Ramos comments on Cristiano Ronaldo Statement about his Real Madrid team-mates following Saturday’s derby defeat at home to Atletico Madrid.

According to the Madrid captain, saying he was proud of his team-mates after another loss against their city rivals, and back Cristiano statement, insisting he did not mean to cause offense

Full Statement On How Ramos Backs Ronaldo over Real Madrid team-mate outburst

“If anyone knows Cristiano, it is me,” said Ramos.

“I don’t think he wanted to attack any of his team-mates but perhaps he did not express his opinion in the best way.

“As captain I feel proud of my team-mates’ work and in difficult times we must emphasise this. But everyone is free to have an opinion.

“I think when results go against you there are more negative opinions. It is tough, you lose a derby and the league becomes almost impossible. We still have the Champions League and we are hoping to play well there.”

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Ramos also comments one his satisfaction with the team performance, particularly from the younger members of the squad that was just recently introduce .

“We are very proud of the work done by Jese, Lucas Vazquez, who are dying for a chance and when they are out there they show that,” he said.

“I feel proud of all my team-mates. The results have not been good but that is when we have to come together the most.

“I know Cristiano very well and he perhaps did not express himself in the best manner.”

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