See 20-year-old Youngest Indian Pilot

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In year 2016, likely to be June, three women will make history by becoming the Indian first female fighter pilots. But already in Mumbai, a 20-year-old by name “Ayesha Aziz” has also broken has made a remarkable record in her profession by becoming one of the youngest pilots in India.

The youngest Indian pilot, Ayesha Aziz said it has been are very childhood dream of becoming this in life.

So she began training at the Bombay Flying Club in 2011, when she was 16, and got her student pilot license in the same year. She took her flying lessons over the weekends, attending school during the rest of the week. “I love adventure, travel and meeting new people,” Aziz says. “I wanted to do something unconventional, and working as a pilot seemed especially unconventional.”

20-year-old youngest Indian pilot

Youngest Indian Pilot
See 20-year-old Youngest Indian Pilot

And right now she is working towards clocking in the 200 flying hours that are required to get a commercial pilot license, which will enable her to work with an airline. She currently flies single engine Cessna 152 and 172 aircraft, and has completed 120 hours of flying.

She spoke about her father, “who keeps motivating and pushing me”. Aziz says that she was fascinated by seeing aircrafts land and take-off as a kid. “Flying works against gravity, you give up everything that gets you down,” she says.

20-year-old youngest Indian pilot

Asking her what are challenges was as a pilot, see what she have to say as a professional, which she has become today;

“It is challenging to be a pilot. You always have to be ahead of the aircraft and quick to take decisions. You need presence of mind and you need to multi-task,” Aziz adds. “When you’re inside a cockpit all your worries have to be left behind, and your mind should be focused on what you’re doing at that moment.”

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