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TStv Africa CEO – Bright Echefu Biography/Profile –

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TStv Africa CEO – Bright Echefu Biography/Profile –

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Being good at what you do and having at least knowledge of everything can really pay. Who would have ever thought of a strategy to make money by initiating a pay-per-view Satellite television –TStv that can stand the test of time. Here, we will look at the brain behind TStv, the CEO – Bright Echefu Biography/Profile.

The launch of the satellite television was welcomed by all Nigerians knowing the packages it became with. It’s a Cheap Satellite to Settle down for Compared to the DSTV that we all Know.

TStv is a one dish with three advantages: Pay as you Watch, Wifi, Video Conferencing. The Federal Government has granted TSTV tax free operation for three years as a way of encouraging the company.

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TStv Africa CEO – Bright Echefu Biography/Profile

Bright Echefu is a Nigerian, who hails from Obowo in Imo state. He is the MD/CEO of Bricke and Athens limited owners of AHTV-Heath Television, who have brought Telcom Satellites TV (TSTV). Bright Echefu had been in that position from November 2014 till date.

He also attended the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka before leaving to pursue further studies abroad.
He is the chairman of Briechberg Investment Limited and also the owners of Bright FM.

He is also on the board of Bright joy Multiventures limited. He got skills that include Strategic Planning Research, Nonprofits Public Speaking, Program Management, Fundraising Program Development.

He is newly married.

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