US election 2016 – Donald Trump’s Presidential victory

Donald Trump’s Presidential victory – The long awaited US election as come and gone, and the winner has emerged, Trump  has won the US election 2016 after much being done and passed through. Against all odds and projections he has claimed victory in the presidential election.

At Trump headquarters across town, his fans were cheering and chanting for the victory they had in the election that just past, Trump’s Ohio win was a big boost to him, as no Republican has ever taken the White House without winning the Midwestern bellwether.

Donald Trump’s Presidential victoryUS election 2016 - Donald Trump's Presidential victory

It was a very surprising event as everyone thought from the initial stage that his rival, Clinton will have the upper hand in the election. But beyond every reasonable doubt Donald Trump not just had the upper hand, he had also won the presidency beyond all imagination – what a victory.

What do you expect from a man who has taken the WHITE HOUSE without winning the Midwestern bellwether?  A total VICTORY Of course. In an election where a candidate must secure 270 of the 538 electoral college votes to declare victory, isn’t an easy one but Tump has triumphed in the presidential election, against all odds.

Though Clinton went into the election with a lead in polls, which did not stop Trump from moving ahead with the election. And what do we see now, Donald Trump has been elected president. It’s shocking to a lot of us, and it’s definitely shocking to celebrities who has said that they will leave US if he wins.

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