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Are you looking for a way to watch the ongoing Shiloh program? Well, you are reading the article that will tell you more about the 2020 SHILOH Channel on Dstv and GOtv. The Shiloh 2020 Turn Around Encounters can be watched right from the comfort of your home, provided you are willing to watch it.

Dstv and GOtv have been a means of entertainment, and for a way to build your faith and let you know what is happening in this year’s Shiloh, the entertainment platform updates and that is the more reason it has channels fixed that you can tune in to enjoy the programme.

The Shiloh programme started on the 8th of this month and will end on the 13th of this month. But no matter when you find out about the channels to watch it on your GOtv and Dstv, you can still get your own encounter, depending on your faith. 2020 Shiloh Channel is easily accessible and just few press from your DSTV or GOTV remote, you are very much good to go.

SEE NOW: SHILOH Channel On DStv – Live Stream Winners Chapel Shiloh Online Website

For this period that this programme will be on, all the branches of winners chapel will be able to participate and also watch the programme as it happens.

Shiloh 2020 Host

The host of the programme is Bishop David Oyedepo and he is ministering from Faith Tabernacle, headquarter of Living Faith Church A.K.A Winners’ Chapel, Canaanland Ota, Nigeria.

2020 SHILOH Channel On Dstv & GOtv

You can watch the Shiloh programme live where ever you are provided there is a television and the aforementioned decoders.

  • Dstv: Channel 408
  • GOtv: Channel 112

How To Watch Shiloh Live Online

To watch Shiloh live online from your mobile browser or PC browser, simply visit www.shiloh2020.org and click on “Live stream”

On the next page, click “Watch Live” and it will start streaming and you can connect with faith in the ongoing programme.

Shiloh Timetable 2020

Tuesday day1:
Opening night: 7-10pm

Wednesday day 2:
Shiloh prayer hour: 5:30 am – 6:30 am
Hour of Visitation: 7 am- 12 pm
Specialized classes: 1-3 pm
Youth & Minister Conference: 3-5 pm
Encounter Night: 7-10 pm

Thursday day 3:
Shiloh Prayer Hour: 5:30-6:30 am
Hour of Visitation: 7 am-12 pm
Shiloh Specialized Classes: 1-3 pm
Youth & Minister Conference: 3-5 pm
Encounter Night: 7-10 pm

Friday day 4:
Shiloh Prayer Hour: 5:30-6:30 am
Hour of Visitation: 7 am-12 pm
Shiloh Specialized Classes: 1-3 pm
Youth & Minister Conference: 3-5 pm
Encounter Night: 7-10 pm

Saturday day 5: Shiloh 2020 Stream
Impartation/Mantle/Anointing Service: 6 am-12pm

Sunday day 6:
Shiloh Thanksgiving Service: 6:30 am, 8:30 am, 10:30 am

Shiloh Declarations 2020

Below are the declarations for this year’s Shiloh programme.

  • You will never maintain joy easily if you keep company with depressed, murmuring, and discontented people. This is because every association carries a particular spirit; therefore, KEEP ASSOCIATION WITH THE JOYFUL.’ – Pastor Mrs Faith Oyedepo
  • Revelation demands jubilation. Only a joyful heart can connect with God’s voice. To get your instant turnaround, you need the joy that flows from the heart.’ – Bishop David Oyedepo
    ‘To get the Word for your turnaround, you must come into God’s presence with joy, and that is where He can show you the path of life. ‘ – Bishop David Oyedepo
  • ‘What you do in prayer is to take your accuser to the courtroom of heaven for judgement. When God becomes your Helper, you enjoy ceaseless breakthroughs and stand out among your peers.’ – Bishop David Oyedepo
  • Prayer is one of God’s vital solutions for afflictions. IT IS THE HOLY GHOST’S PRESCRIPTION FOR DELIVERANCE FROM OPPRESSION.’ – Bishop David Oyedepo

  • Certain things may be responsible for where you find yourself, and you may not know what they are. However, the mercy of God will always answer for you when you cry unto Him in prayer. – Bishop David Oyedepo
  • If you do not obey the general rules of Christianity, how will you ever enjoy the blessings of God without asking? Strengthen your stand on the obedience line, and you will send the devil packing without tears – Bishop David Oyedepo

  • YOU CAN LIVE A HURT-FREE LIFE THROUGH OBEDIENCE BECAUSE IT RENDERS YOUR ENEMIES HELPLESS AND ENDEARS YOU TO GOD FOR DIVINE FAVOUR. If you do whatever He tells you to do, the devil cannot undo you (1 Peter 3:13).’ – Bishop David Oyedepo


Take out 3 minutes to pray this Prayer:

Father, give me an encounter with the Spirit of faith at Shiloh 2020, that will empower me for Supernatural Turnaround Encounters all the days of my life. – Hebrews 11:33-34

  • TESTIMONIES ARE AT THE COMMAND OF FAITH. Every testimony is a product of faith, and testimonies are the opposite of trials.’ – Bishop David Oyedepo
  • TESTIMONIES ARE WEAPONS IN THE HANDS OF THE BELIEVER; when you remind God of His acts in the lives of other people, He does not deny Himself. And since He is not a respecter of persons, HE IS COMMITTED TO DOING FOR YOU, WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR OTHERS’
  • ‘The revelation of your identity is your greatest asset because it positions you for dominion in the adventure of life. Therefore, AS A BELIEVER YOU MUST RECOGNISE THAT YOUR CASE IS DIFFERENT.’ – Bishop David Oyedepo

  • From the moment you become born again, your mind no longer operates in the natural realm. This is why you need to develop your mind in the Word to know your worth. – Bishop David Oyedepo

    Anyone operating on the frequency of faith enters into rest. When faith comes on the scene, rest comes on the scene and brings peace on every side.

  • Every testimony of this commission will become reflective in your life, in the name of Jesus!
  • God’s presence is made manifest through the mystery of high praises which helps to harbour divine presence.
  • Your enemies will see God at work in your life!
  • Nothing shall fail in your life anymore!
  • You will never weep behind closed doors anymore!
  • All your children will become giants in the domain of business, education, career, legislature, and gospel advancement, you as a parent have a job to do. Therefore, accept the responsibility placed on you by God to fashion them into obedient, faithful, and responsible adults
  • WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO TAKE STEPS TO CHANGE YOUR POSITION IS YOUR VISION. Progress is moving from where you are to where you ought to be; it is changing your position for the better or from the present to the future.’ – Bishop David Abioye

  • ‘Knowing where you are going is the first step; however, the actual pursuit is what makes it a reality. It is not enough to have a goal set. GOAL SETTING IS DAYDREAMING WHEN IT LACKS PURSUIT.’ – Bishop David Oyedepo

  • GOD’S WORD MAKES YOU SMARTER THAN THE DEVIL. The Word of God carries divine nature, and it is transferred to you when it is formed in you and becomes your lifestyle.’ – Bishop David Oyedepo

  • OUTSIDE FAITH, CHRISTIANITY IS COLOURLESS. All the good reports contained in the hall of faith as recorded in Hebrews 11 are direct products of faith in action. Results that cannot be denied are what make Christianity colourful. Bishop David Oyedepo

  • ‘YOUR PROMOTION IS TIED TO THE MEASURE OF WISDOM AT WORK IN YOU. Honour is the preserve of the wise. Wise people are gracious people. Anything gracious is a product of wisdom and grace answers to wisdom. NOTHING GOES UP WITHOUT WISDOM.’
  • Change your attitude towards work. If you put some little more energy into what you are doing, you will be taking giant strides of progress which make you unstoppable by any opposition. THEREFORE, WORK TIRELESSLY IN ALL WISDOM. ‘ – Bishop David Abioye

  • As long as your hands are working, you are bound to make it. It is the hardworking hand that makes a man rich, not just his prayers. Rather than praying for prosperity, you better pray for working hands. Ask God to anoint your hands for work
  • Do not envy unbelievers because their riches are but for a moment; they never last. Do not let material things blind you to your privileged position in God. IF YOU HAVE GOD, GOOD THINGS SHOULD NOT BE A PROBLEM FOR YOU.’ – Bishop David Oyedepo

2020 Shiloh Channel is a better way to watch the ongoing faith programme, so I urge you to pray and participate in the programme and see how things will turn around for your good.

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