*945# – WEMA Bank Quick Codes for Transactions – Transfers, Buy Airtime

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As it’s called the 945 life, WEMA Bank Quick Codes for Transactions is here to make the Life of Customers more easy when dealing with Banking. Customers can now Make transactions easily from any where they find themselves and anytime they wish to. And that ranges from Transfers, Buying Airtime and more from your Bank Account

*945# - WEMA Bank Quick Codes for Transactions - Transfers, Buy Airtime

Before you begin to enjoy the Easy Life, You should note that it can only Be done with a registered Mobile Number i.e the Mobile Number you Used when Opening your WEMA Bank Account.

The Code can be Used at your Most Convenient, to Carry out transactions. It’s Available 24/7, also it is Quick and easy to remember and use, no more banking halls, Doesn’t need a Token (One-time Password) to Finish the transactions. It’s Easy and Preferable more than that of internet Banking.

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*945# – WEMA Bank Quick Codes for Transactions – Transfers, Buy Airtime

Below are the Quick codes for any Kind of Transaction you want to carry out.

Buy Airtime*945*phone Number*amount#
Send Money*945*beneficiaryaccountnumber*amount#
Balance Enquiry*945*0#
Change PIN*945*00#
Get  your Account Number*945*000#
Open Account*945*1#
Change account number*945*2*oldaccountnumber*newaccountnumber#
Account Reactivation*945*5#
Send Money to phone/email*945*6*amount#
Receive/ redeem money*945*7*confirmationnumber*amount#
Remita Payment*945*9*RRR#
Card Control*945*11*last four digits of card pan number#
Receive Western Union*945*14*MTCN*amount#
Generate OTP*945*15#
DSTV Subscription*945*16*smartcardnumber#
GoTV Subscription*945*17*smartcardnumber#
Startimes Payments*945*18*smartcardnumber*amount#
EKO AND IKEJA DISCO*945*19*metrenumber*amount#
Smile Subscription Payments*945*20*idnumber#
Swift4GBroadband subscription*945*21*idnumber*amount#
Merchant Payment*945*22*MERCHANTCODE*amount#
LCC PAYMENT*945*23*LCC account number*AMOUNT#

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