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Smartphones and tablets are constantly being upgraded. They have become more intelligent, a lot lighter and they’ve taken on some spectacular designs. One thing that still remains a problem though is battery performance. Meanwhile, there are Android Apps that drain Battery.

To increase your battery’s life, consider avoiding these apps. They’re known to suck the juice out of your battery, frequently leaving you searching for a power source on a regular basis.

Here are, Android Apps that drain BatteryAndroid Apps that drain Battery

  • Facebook

That’s right. The ever-popular social networking app is to be blamed for your phone’s poor battery performance. It constantly downloads data and sends you notifications. So if you see your battery level dropping quickly, turn off automatic notifications or restrict the amount of data your app is permitted to download.

  • Candy Crush Saga

This was the most downloaded app in the year 2013. It earned a lot of revenue and became even more popular after it entered the Japanese market. While the app is one sweet dose of fun, it can seriously drain your battery and reduce your phone’s overall performance. So candy addicts be warned!

  • Google Maps

Looking for directions to go somewhere? Google Maps offers you real-time navigation, traffic updates and lane guidance. Getting anywhere has never been easier. While the maps are very helpful, they cause excessive battery drainage. This is because the app runs your GPS system to give you accurate information. If you’re not using the app, it’s wise to disable location reporting.

To do this, click on the notification bar. This is the area located right at the top of the screen that display’s your battery’s level. Swipe this area down to find the location icon, then turn it off.

  • Spotify

Spotify gives you music on the go. You don’t have to download music files and fill up your storage. Instead you can stream music from all over the world for free. As long as you log in to your Spotify account, you have access to all your favourite songs from any device. While Spotify has half a billion registered users, the app is a known battery killer. If you’ve signed up for the premium service, avoid streaming music in very high quality. You could also pay for the service and listen to your music offline. This will improve your battery’s performance considerably.

  • Instagram

If you love mobile photo sharing, then you’ve probably downloaded and installed Instagram. A common complaint amongst Instagram users is that their batteries die sooner than expected. In 2013 this app won the vote for the Time’s 50 Best Android Apps. Despite being so popular, users struggle with battery performance.

So, to help your battery last longer, disable notifications from the app. You could also clear the cache and see if that improves battery performance. If you love Instagram but can’t handle poor battery performance, download a 3rd party Instagram app like InstaSave for Instagram or Imagine for Instagram.

please read: One of the easiest things you can do to prevent battery drainage is to exit your apps properly so they don’t keep running in the background. Also install apps that are known to extend your battery life.

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