In the Best Laptop Brand Survey recently Carried out, it was discovered that Apple has fallen Greatly from it’s initial position to 5th. Apple use to top the first among other Products but due to some of it’s factor, it now has the backseat compared to others.

The survey showed that apple fell due to two key factors; which are

  • Price factor.
  • Few Option factor.

Best Laptop Brand Survey; A look at the two factors

  • The Price factor:

Compared to it’s rivals, Apple Laptop Brands are in a high side in terms of Purchasing it. Meanwhile it’s rivals are affordable; they hover round a fix Price, not to what apple Places it’s own.

  • Few Option factor:

From the Survey also, it was found that consumer choose other makes apart from apple’s. The varieties of choice from the consumer falls mainly on other products, thereby making apple to fall to the said fifth position.

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Based on the Survey, it was noted that since 2010, Apple has stayed in no 1. position as the consumer’s choice not until now that the aforementioned factors now make consumers to prefer other products aside Apple.

When talking of other criteria for this survey, Apple Stood it ground in terms of reviews, design and support, But it was beaten in termsĀ  of price value and Option (selection).

Lenovo now tops int the Survey followed by Asus, Dell, and HP.

While Acer tied Apple for 5th Position.Apple falls to 5th Position in best Laptop Brand Survey; Price and Few Option Factors

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