APPLY: 2021 Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals (SISGP)

Wow!!! Have you yet to Apply for the 2021 Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals? An opportunity is here for those who want to further their studies abroad.

Do you have a dream of furthering your education abroad? have you been looking for scholarship opportunities? If yes, this is an opportunity for you.

Swedish Institute Scholarship for global professionals (SISGP), is an opportunity for every scholar to attain their aspirations without bothering about the fees at Swedish University. This scholarship scheme is aimed at developing future global leaders that would contribute to the united nations 2030 agender for suitable development and also contribute to the positive growth of their country and region.

Scholarship coverage and benefits

  • Tuition fee
  • Travel grant of 15 SEK
  • Living allowance of 10 SEK
  • Membership of the SI alumni
  • Membership of the network for further global leaders (NFGL)
  • Insurance against illness and accident.

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Requirements for SISGP

To be eligible for this scholarship, there are some document that you are required to submit at the point of application, be courteous of the length of words you are required to write because anything less or more may limit your chances of being selected. The others include:

  • CV.
  • Motivation letter; must use the SISGP form to fill in.
  • 2 Reference letters; 0ne based on work experience and the other based on civil involvement.
  • Proof of work experience.
  • Copy of your valid passport.

List of courses and institutions eligible for SISGP sponsorship

For a list of courses and institutions available visit:

Evaluation and selection process:

selection of eligible benefactors for this scholarship scheme is done in four different stages which

  • Screening
  • Evolution before admission
  • Evaluation after admission
  • Final selection


This is done after the application closing date to disqualify those who do not meet with global professional criteria by not adhering strictly to the instructions. So, it is advised you read through the instructions carefully before applying.

Evaluation before admission

The eligible applications are been evaluated and are been graded based on aim and purpose of
the program. The quality of the application is crucial in this selection.

Evaluation after admission: final evaluation of applicants admitted into eligible program

Compilation and shortlisting: best candidates are compiled and shortlisted

Final selection: Scholarship recipients are selected and this concludes the process

STEPS To Apply for 2021 Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals

Below are the steps required of you to apply for your degree.

STEP 1 – Application for master’s degree

  • Apply for admission into a degree program at university by 15 January, 2021.
  • Only listed master’s program by SISGP is eligible for SISGP sponsorship.
  • Apply for up to four eligible master’s programs at by 15 January,2021.
  • Once you submit your application for master’s program you would be issued an eight-digit personal application number. This number will be needed in the course of applying for SISG so save it.
  • Note; university admission is an independent agency that handles admission it is not related to SI.
  • The deadline for master’s program application fee receipt is 3 rd February, 2021. If you miss the deadline or failed the application procedure you would not be eligible for SISGP.

STEP 2 – Application for SISGP

  • At the completion of master’s program, you can now apply for SISGP be sure to provide all the required documents. The required documents are listed above.
  • Submit the required documents online.
  • The application portal would be open from 10 th February – 20 th February, 2021.

STEP 3 – Confirmation of admission

By 3 rd April,2021, notification of selection would be sent to you. SI would also receive the admission result directly including your personal information from the university admissions.

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If you are placed on the waiting list or listed on reserve and not admitted to any of the master’s program by 3 rd march, you will not be considered for SISGP.

Application time and deadline:

Application for master’s program at university starts 16 October, 2020 to 15 th January,2021. Nevertheless, Application for 2021 Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals starts 8 th Feb. – 18 th Feb., 2021.


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