BET9JA – Bet9ja Mobile Registration Website, Login

Have you been wondering why your bet9ja account is not opening, or are you a new member looking forward to know the Bet9ja Mobile Registration Website in other to place your International Clubs UEFA Championship Games or UEFA Europa Games, Spain Primera Division, England Premier League games, Italy Serie A, France League 1, NBA Games and others.

One thing you must first know is that getting you Bet9ja account up and running in other to start making money just like others is just very simple and easy, and happens to be the site most people visit in other to proceed with their daily betting but trust me when I say not anymore. Read below to understand

Bet9ja Official Website

Bet 9 Ja have not just ONE site but more. And if you are among those looking for Bet9ja Official Site, Bet9ja old Mobile Ship, Shop Bet9ja Register, Old 9jabet Mobile site and other, then quickly check this out below. – This is the mean BET9JA betting Site that you can bet any kind of games once it comes to betting to make money with your own idea.

Remember, if you open this site one mobile the URL will change to and if you as well open with PC it will remain or – This is just a mimick to the mean Bet9ja Official Site. The purpose of this site to have an alternative to, just in case anything happens to the mean site.

The good thing about this 2nd Bet9ja site is that, as long as you already registered on the mean site which is, you will not need to register again in this one, rather you will just log in your account just link the 1st one. or – You have to understand that the mean site is just, so depending on the platform you open it from, then the URL will change.

All you just have to know is that the mean site is but if this one is not available, then you can as well visit the second one which is

So these listed out above are the official site where you can proceed with you New bet9ja mobile registration or Login.

However, with the above understanding, I will quickly like you to check below in other to proceed with your New bet9ja mobile registration Website at and Login free.

New or Old Bet9ja Mobile Registration Website at

First of all, before you proceed with any of these steps below, I want to you quickly read above in other to understand some things first about this New Bet9ja Sports Account Betting Sign Up at

So once you have done that, then you can quickly proceed with this following steps below:

Step 1: To register for a Bet9ja account please visit the Bet9ja website on or and click on a register icon

Step 2: Fill out your e-mail details then click the green button saying “Register”.BET9JA - Bet9ja Mobile Registration Website, Login

Step 3: You will then receive an e-mail at the address you input. Click the activation link in this e-mail which will bring you to the next stage of registration. Proceed to fill out the fields.

Step 4: After you complete this form just click the green button. Next, you will be required to make a deposit. Please click here for more information on how to make a deposit.

Remember that these steps above for the New bet9ja mobile registration Website at are applicable to Desktop, Mobile Lite, and Mobile.

You can Also proceed below to see how you can as well sign In your account. But before that, you can as well check this out below.

Old Mobile Bet9ja Registration Portal for New Bet9ja Mobile Registration Online Account Sign in | Bet9ja New Mobile Login

How to Fund My Bet9ja Account Via Mobile Phone –

How to Check Bet9ja Coupon Online |

How To Sign In Account

First thing first, it is very important you understand that regardless of the platform Desktop, Mobile Lite, or Mobile, you can use this below guide to log in to your account now.

1. To Login for a Bet9ja account, visit the Bet9ja website
2. When the site opens, then enter your username and password in the space provided for it.BET9JA Login
3. Finally, click on Login and your account will be login.

That is it. Remember, Bet9ja is Nigeria’s number one betting website. Whether you are a fan of the Premier League or not, you can as well make money for this site too.


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