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How to Buy USA Used Cars Online at – Cars from USA

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How to Buy USA Used Cars Online at – Cars from USA

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Wondering how to Buy USA Used Cars Online? Well, it’s easy as we have Searched for a Means for you to safely buy Cars from USA. The Auction Export is a Platform that you can Securely Buy a Car from the USA as it ensures a safe and legal business route for North American cars to the global market.

All you need to do is to register for FREE at for you to be able to access a Large number of car that you can buy any one from and also get Professional Assistance with finding and buying a car.

If you are really looking for a way to get USA used cars at a Cheaper rate, then this Portal can do that for you. Additionally, the said car can be shipped to any destination you want it.

You can “Buy” used cars or “Bid” for Cars on the Platform depending on how you want it.

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With the Auction Export Portal, You save time and Money when buying cars from USA.

How to Buy USA Used Cars Online at – Cars from USA

A registration on the auctionexport is the starting point and below are the Steps. Account Sign up

  • Visit
  • Click on Register at the top right Side of the Page
  • On the Next Page, Enter your Email Address, Password, Name, Phone Number, Address and More
  • Click on Register New Profile and you’ve successfully created an Account (Check your Email for your Login Information)How to Buy USA Used Cars Online at - Cars from USA

Auction Export Account Log in

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Log in at the top right Side of the page
  3. Enter your Email and Password
  4. Then Click on Login AgainHow to Buy USA Used Cars Online at - Cars from USA

How to Buy a Used Car from USA

There are five steps to purchase your car via portal

  1. Log in to using Login Steps above
  2. Make Deposits
  3. Purchase – you can Purchase using the following ways; Bidding, Live on the Phone Bidding, Buy, Online real time auction, order a car/assistance of a sale agent.
  4. Payment
  5. Transportation and Shipping

The Buying method can be done using the steps above.

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