Captain Wayne Rooney set to Quit Manchester United | Considers China Transfer – The long term captain, Wayne Rooney of Manchester United as decided to leave the club after considering the fact that his career in united is coming to an end. Rooney who has not been happy having a limited play time under Jose Mourinho has decided to make his move to China for a new career.

The Question here is, Should He Leave? After elapsing Sir Bobby Charlton with his 250th goal for the Red Devils, Rooney has been given the green light to take a Huge-mega money deal in China.

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Captain Wayne Rooney set to Quit Manchester UnitedCaptain Wayne Rooney set to Quit Manchester United | Considers China Transfer

Jose Mourinho refused to rule out United sanctioning the move says he cannot guarantee if Rooney will stay. “Of course I can’t guarantee. I cannot guarantee that I’m here next week, how can I guarantee that a player is here next season?

Mourinho further said “What I can guarantee is that if one day Wayne leaves the club it is not because I want him to leave. I would never push a legend of this club to another destiny.’

You have to ask him if he sees himself staying in the club for the rest of his career or sees himself moving. It is not a question for me because I am happy to have him. I was very open with you in the answer. I don’t want him to leave.” He Concluded.

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Phil Neville who played and coached Rooney has urged him to stay with United, at least until the end of the season. Urging him to snub the move to China and fight for his Manchester United future.

Neville Added that one could never know, Rooney could come on in the final on Sunday and make a massive impact, score, and then finish the season exceedingly well.

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