Whatsapp Chat history can be sometimes be long and boring, and at the same time can be good when you read through it again.And But even at that, some chat history takes space in your phone memory, clearing the chat history can even make the messages which are secretive to be secure just with you.so that is why you have to clear whatsapp chat history.

In whatsapp, you can delete individual messages, conversations,groups or your entire chat history.Once this messages are deleted or cleared, they are permanently out of your phone.
In this post, we will be taking you on how you can delete one or more messages from a conversation, to delete an individual chat, and also clear an entire chat history.

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How to delete/clear whatsapp Chat history on Android.How to delete/clear whatsapp Chat history on Android | delete a group chat | individual chat | delete messages or chat

Carefully read the steps on each of them below:

  • To delete one or more messages from a conversation;

1. Open Whatsapp.
2. Go to the chat window with the message you want to delete.
3. Tap and hold on the message.
4. Tap the trash Can icon on top of the chat screen.

  • To delete an individual message;

1. In the chat list, tap and hold on the chat you wish to delete.
2. Then tap the trash can icon.

  • To clear your entire chat history;

1. Go to WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Chats > Chat history.
2. Tap Delete all chats or Clear all chats.

>Delete all chats will delete all conversations and all messages inside of them. You will still be in your groups and they will be visible on your Chats list.
>Clear all chats will delete all messages but leave the conversations in the Chats list.

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