1. Nice write up But please I also Want to to know How to Create a Yahoo Email Account Free via Mobile App because I don’t have a PC but a Smart Android Phone.

    1. Very good point but we have also updated that now.

      However, to Create a Yahoo Email Account Free via Mobile App is really not a big deal. So without taking much or the time here, this is how it’s been done (Sign up for a Yahoo account)

      Create a Yahoo Email Account Free via Mobile App

      First thing first, if you want to proceed with your Email Address Registration On Yahoo Account you will have to make sure you have all the requirement need to sign up via mobile app as well as to stay focus and follow this guide. Just like we have also answers to some questions like;

      How do I create a Yahoo account?
      How do you set up a Yahoo email address?
      How do I create a Yahoo email account?
      How can I create an email?
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      How do you open a Yahoo email account?

      This time you will not Visit http://www.yahoo.com rather open up your Yahoo Mobile App
      >>> Then Click on CREATE FREE YAHOO ACCOUNT or Sign Up or register to see the form to fill outYahoo Registration Form
      >>> Fill in your information accurately.
      >>> Review and agree to terms of service and submit your application form.
      >>> A verification message will be sent to your phone to verify.
      >>> Done! You have successfully Created your Yahoo Account.

      So now you are very much good to go. However, you Click Here for Yahoo Mail Sign In Steps if in case you also what to learn that.

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      If you are having issues on How To CREATE FREE YAHOO ACCOUNT OR CREATE NEW YAHOO MAIL, drop your phone number and E-mail address in the comment box below. We will get back to you immediately.

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