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Adobe Reader is a free application for Android Phones that allows users to read PDF documents on their device. Apart from reading the documents, it enables you to  manage those documents in the mobile and allows sharing and printing the PDF file on paper.  Adobe Reader for Android has some features which will be of great benefit for you.

Talking about the features of Adobe reader; It can open any PDF documents that may come from an email, a web page or from any application that supports “Open In”. It is possible to search for a word in the text and zoom in on text or images on the PDF file.Also Adobe Reader can be sorted and categorized depending on the users’ needs. It can be renamed, deleted and even exported to another location.

Download Adobe Reader for AndroidDownload Adobe Reader for Android

Downloading Adobe Reader for android  is  just a piece of cake, all you need to do is to carefully follow this steps listed below.

  • Go to your google play store.
  • click google play app
  • Input “Adobe Reader” in the search box
  • Find it in the searched results and go to it’s detailed window
  • click “install” (when this is done, Adobe Reader will be directly installed on your android phone.)

please read: Apart from  Adobe Reader, you can also download Adobe Flash Player, Temple Run, and more hot games ,following the same process mentioned above in your Google play store. Also check out top mobile phone apps for android and  how to download Adobe photoshop CS6 extended setup latest version

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