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Imo for PC is a social media application that allows USERS to make video calls and equally send and receive instant text messages simultaneously. To Download Imo Free App is absolutely FREE of charge and very fast too when you follow the simple steps given in this article.

IMO is not only available for PC, but it is also available for Android, Windows, and iPhone. And there is no limit to the number of calls, text, and images that can be sent to other users in this service. It is the best choice for you.

With Imo, you can enjoy FREE and stable audio and video calls with your friends and family including sending and receiving messages where ever you are, all for free but also bear in mind that data charges may be necessary as the case may be.

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To send a file like music, video, pictures, pdf and other files in Imo very fast and easy at any point in time as long as you have your network connection.

Amazing Features Of Imo

Check out these further features of Imo that would make you love the program even more. See below for the amazing features.

  • It is very easy to work with
  • It has standard wireless services
  • Supported by 2G, 3G, and 4G, so sending files has no size limitation
  • Bugs are fixed for optimization
  • You can add friends to an approved list
  • Communication here is very safe and secured

Steps To Download Imo Free App For Pc

For you to begin to enjoy Imo free video call and chat inclusive of others, you need to download the App first for FREE. To do this you have to take the following steps below If you are downloading for PC.

  • Visit Imo official website @
  • Click on imo for Mac
  • Then click Ok to download successfully

Download Imo For Android

  • Go to
  • Click on imo for Android
  • You will be taken to the app store then click on Install
  • Follow prompt for an installment process to take place

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Download Imo For iOS

To download Imo for iOS, see below for the right steps to take

  • Visit the official website of imo
  • Click on imo for iOS
  • You will be taken App Store preview
  • Follow prompt to download

If you have any question or suggestion concerning how to Download Imo Free App, please feel very much FREE to do so using the COMMENT BOX below.

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