Resetting your Apple device has been made easy, In the Sense that you can now easily Factory Reset iPhone without issues. Once in a while you will want your iPhone to look new to you, or you would want to sale it or do a repair on it, Think of backing up those media of yours up first before Carrying Out a reset.

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Resetting your iPhone is as easy as when you reset an Android Device. Backing up your data should cross your Mind first to avoid losing your photos, videos and other data, so Checkout the Easy Steps Below:

How to Easily Factory Reset iPhone

  1. Go to your device Setting.
  2. Then to General.
  3. Navigate through to Reset.
  4. Now Click “Erase all content and settings”. (Note here that you will be asked to enter your Password or Apple ID, before the Reset Will be done)
  5. After you provide the Password and Apple ID, Click on ‘Erase iPhone’ and Reset process will start (Can take Few Seconds)How to Easily Factory Reset iPhone | Apple Device Resetting Made Easy
  6. After That a Welcome Screen Comes on, And you are done!

Now Maybe your iPhone is locked and you cant open it, so the next option is a reset, All you should do is to hold the power button and home button down at the same time until the device turns off, then free it and your iPhone will come to Normal again.

It’s as easy has that.

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