Facebook Account Deactivate: Facebook Temporary Closure

If you are looking for a safe and easy way of hiding all your information like your status updates, profile, photos, timeline, etc on Facebook from being viewed by others, Deactivation is the greatest option. In this article, you will know how to go about deactivating your Facebook account with ease as the article covers the Facebook account deactivate method.

Deactivating your Facebook account is the best option when you do not want to delete it but just want to take a break from it. Facebook has gone through many scandals over the years elapsed and they concern the privacy and security of its users. This brought about the deletion of Facebook accounts campaign and this has tempted many people to delete their Facebook accounts and this led to the introduction of deactivation of Facebook accounts.

Basically, the deactivation of Facebook accounts is for people who are not certain that they want to continue using Facebook forever instead of completely deleting their accounts because deletion of their Facebook account(s) isn’t a decision to be taken lightly as it is permanent and data stored in the Facebook account deleted cannot be gotten back intact, it just has to be deactivating. And of course, you can get it back anytime you want by reactivating your FB account

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You might want to know if people can search for you on Facebook when you have deactivated your Facebook account, the truth is that people will still be able to search for you on Facebook but your account or profile won’t show up. Your timeline, profile, photos, list of likes, and all other data will be invisible.

Also, you should bear in mind that after deactivating your Facebook account(s), it doesn’t mean that comments you have made on other peoples’ posts will disappear or be invisible too. This is because Facebook is obsessed with memories and likes sharing them with others to look back on. It is their own way of building their brand quality, that is why your previous comments will still be intact.

What Happens To My Account After Deactivation?

After you might have deactivated your account, your name will appear as plain text, though the link to your FB account will be broken so that no one would be able to view your profile through the comment section. Your profile picture would also be replaced by a default icon too.

It is interesting to know that you can still use your Facebook Messenger app which is a separate app of its own though still owned by the same company, to message friends and family even after you have deactivated your Facebook account.

So, if you decide that you still want to message some family relations and friends after you have might deactivate your Facebook account, you can easily do that by using the Messenger app. Though in some cases, you would have to log in to the app again after deactivating your Facebook account.

Facebook Account Deactivate

Below are the steps to take to deactivate your account quickly.

On Androids

  1. Open your Facebook App from your app drawer and sign in to your account if you aren’t signed in
  2. Tap on the three lines icon at the top right-hand side of your Facebook account.
  3. Then scroll down and tap on Settings & Privacy
  4. After you might have tapped on Settings, tap on Account Ownership and Control.
  5. The tap on Deactivation and Deletion.
  6. Tap Continue to Account Deactivation and follow the instructions given to confirm your Facebook account deactivation.

On Computers/Laptops

  1. Visit the Facebook platform at www.facebook.com from your web browser
  2. Click on the account menu down arrow at the top right of your Facebook account page in your web browser.
  3. Select Settings’ and choose General’ at the left column.
  4. Click on Manage Your Account’ and select Deactivate Your Account’ and then confirm it by following the given instructions.

On iOS

  1. First of all, launch the Facebook iOS app and Sign in with your details if you aren’t signed in before
  2. Tap on the hamburger icon (the three horizontal lines) at the bottom right corner.
  3. Swipe down to the bottom and tap on Settings & Privacy, then tap on Settings.
  4. Swipe down again and tap on Account Ownership and Control.
  5. Then, tap on Deactivation or Deletion, then on Deactivation, and follow the instructions promptly to confirm your deactivation.

Once you have followed the steps mentioned above depending on whichever device you are using, your Facebook account deactivation will be a success.

If you have any questions with regards to this Facebook Account Deactivate: Facebook Temporary Closure, please kindly drop a comment in the comment box and you will be clarified.


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