Facebook to add a new and free Wifi Finding features – Facebook Wifi

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Facebook is on it with it’s new feature to Find a free Wifi hotspots for it’s customers. The new and free Wifi Finding features will help you to set your location access for the app to “always”. This feature Facebook is working on , is going to be a great benefit for It’s users.

Facebook Wi-Fi turns your router into a WiFi hotspot, prompting customers searching for WiFi to check in and like your Facebook Page before using the web for free.

Facebook to add a new and free Wifi Finding featuresFacebook to add a new and free Wifi Finding features - Facebook Wifi

Facebook Wi-Fi lets customers check in to participating businesses on Facebook for free Wi-Fi access. When people check in to your Page, you can share offers and other announcements with them.

The Wi-Fi finder feature started appearing in the Facebook app via the menu for some users. It is located along with other location based options like “Nearby Places” and “Device Requests.” Consequently, helping people discover public Wi-Fi spots could be one way to make sure people can stay connected. And that what Facebook wants to do.

Once it’s enabled, the feature generates a map of nearby locations where Wi-Fi is available, and provides details about and directions to those hot spots. It could be a handy tool for anyone looking for a place to stop to recharge and save some data along the way.

For now, this is just a test feature, or at least a feature that is rolling out very slowly, and very quietly. Nevertheless, it would be a handy addition to the Facebook app.

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