FACEBOOK AVATAR DIY: Facebook Avatar Creation Without Help

You can really do it yourself without the help of any third party. This Facebook Avatar DIY will take you through the basics, and trust me when I say at the end, your own avatar will be successfully created for your profile and other use.

You keep seeing people post their avatar on Facebook and when you navigate through your newsfeed, you see a lot of avatars created and posted by different people, and you keep wondering how they were able to make an avatar. Well, you can also do it yourself, just read this article carefully to know how to go about it.

It does not cost you anything to make your Facebook avatar, as a matter of fact, this is where your creativity will come into play as you will be given various tools to make a cartoon version of yourself.

It is indeed fun and that is why Facebook made it free to make your Facebook Avatar, provided the feature is available on your Facebook mobile application, then you are very much good to go. But if you don’t get the feature yet, don’t panic as you will get it in the near future.

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What You Need To Know In Making A Facebook Avatar

In creating your avatar, you can use skin tone, hair color, hairstyle, face shape, facial hair, eye-glasses, eye shape and color, makeup, eyebrows, nose shape, facial hair, body shape, outfit, and more tools to give your Avatar a wonderful look.

Also, to make your Avatar, you will need the following;

  • A working internet network
  • A mobile phone (the Avatar can be done using your mobile device – Android or iOS)
  • Latest Facebook App (you can update your Facebook app from your mobile store)


Follow the steps given below to make your Facebook avatar by yourself without help.

  1. Open the Facebook application on your Android or iOS mobile device
  2. Sign in with your Facebook email address or phone number and password if you have not
  3. Locate and tap on the three horizontal lines on the right side of the screen, either on top or bottom, depending on if you use iOS or Android, and tap on it
  4. Next, navigate down and tap on the “see more” option. Then tap on “Avatars” if you see it on the options and you will be taken to the first step of your Avatar creation process
  5. Select your skin tone and tap on Next
  6. Select different styles and colors of your hair, also the beard (if you are a man), makeup for a woman avatar, face and body shape, many face detail options, clothing, etc.
  7. When you are done, tap on the checkmark located in the top right corner.
  8. Your Avatar will be ready and you can tap on “Next” and then tap on Done

That’s All.

NOTE: This steps can be carried out only from your mobile device running the latest Facebook application downloaded or updated from your Google Play Store or App Store

If you have any questions on this FACEBOOK AVATAR DIY: Facebook Avatar Creation Without Help, feel free to use the comment box below. Also, share this article on your social media account so that others can learn from it.


  1. Tashia

    It’s sends me to funamation but it will not download the app

  2. Tashia

    It’s sending me to funamation but funamation will not download it’s been spinning for 3 days


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