FACEBOOK DATING SITE FREE APP – Facebook dating app free for singles

Before I proceed to show you how to start dating with a Facebook dating profile or set up your Facebook Dating Site Free App for singles, It might interest you to know that over 300million people use Facebook, of which 75% are singles who opt into Facebook to connect and interact with friends and family.

Meanwhile, if you are been longing to know about Facebook dating app free for singles, Facebook Dating App Download Free, Facebook Dating App Setup, etc then you are just in the right place.

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The Facebook Dating is restricted and currently only accessible by users from these countries including

Unites States.

And it will be available and accessible to other countries users during the years this is because the Facebook dating feature is the newest feature Facebook released recently. Dating on Facebook is very easy, but you need a Facebook dating app and dating profile to do so.

Start Dating With a Facebook Dating Profile

When you open your Facebook app, you’ll see the dating feature as an option when you click the menu icon. You’ll be required to create a dating profile before you access the app and here’s how to do so;

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account using https://web.facebook.com/
  2. Click on the menu icon.
  3. Tap see more.
  4. Tap on the dating heart-shaped icon.
  5. Fill in your gender.
  6. Confirm your location.
  7. Arrange in order the twelve tiles profile.
  8. Select a dating profile.
  9. Specify your potential matches in the dating settings.

You’re good to go with dating on Facebook free singles app.

Facebook Dating or Relationship Pages/Groups

This is another Facebook feature that can enable Facebook users to find single women near them on the Facebook site. There are lots of love, relationship, and single pages/groups on Facebook. On these pages/groups are other single Facebook users searching for a partner. You can access these platforms on Facebook by simply using the search bar to search for Single Women near me. Some of these pages include:

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Facebook Dating Free – group
FB Dating Sites – group
FB Dating App – group
Facebook Singles Dating – Group
All Facebook Singles – group
Facebook Singles – group

So here you go. With this above information you arejust very much ready to start dating on facebook like others do.

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  1. Gus Arnstrom

    I can’t get the app. It isn’t in my main menu. I do see it if I login to my friend’s account. So it is not a software issue. I can’t get anyone to tell me why I don’t have it. I have tried everything I can think of with no luck. I would rather use the app than one of the groups. Easier to find someone local with the app.


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