Features Of New Facebook App: Introducing Facebook Avatar And Dating Update

The new Facebook app is well packed with a lot of features that are focused on giving you the best experience when it comes to using the giant social media network. In this article you’ll about the features, then I will solely tell you more about the trending avatar and Facebook dating features.

When using your Facebook app, it is very important to know how to update the app to get aby the latest feature introduced by the platform, when that is done, you can be able to stay up to date with current happenings.

Facebook users can stay connected with friends and loved ones when they have the app installed on their mobile devices. With the app, you can sign in to your Facebook account no matter where you are provided there is a good internet network.

The Facebook app does more than help you stay connected with your friends and interests. It’s also your personal organizer for storing, saving, and sharing photos.

With the Facebook app, it is easy to always upload photos or videos from your gallery unlike the web version of it.

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Features Of New Facebook App

Below are the interesting features that you can find on the Facebook app.

  • Connect with friends and family
  • Meet new people quickly
  • Set status updates
  • Share photos, videos, and your favorite memories.
  • Get notifications
  • Find local social events
  • Play games with any of your Facebook friends
  • Backup photos by saving them in albums
  • Follow your favorite artists, websites, and companies to get their latest news
  • Look up local businesses to see reviews, operation hours, and pictures
  • Buy and sell locally on Facebook Marketplace
  • Watch live videos

Facebook also helps you keep up with the latest news and current events around the world. The most important desktop features of Facebook are also available on the app, such as writing on timelines, liking photos, browsing for people, and editing your profile and groups.

All you need to do is to update your app from your mobile store and you are good to go.

Facebook App Update

We all have the Facebook mobile app on our devices as it comes as a default. But in some cases, you might not see the official Facebook app which means you can get it from your play store.

However, you will need an update to get the latest added feature to enjoy the social network.

  • Open your Google Play Store or App Store
  • In the search bar, type and search for “Facebook”
  • Select the official Facebook app from the list of applications displayed
  • Tap on “Update” and the application will be updated automatically.

When the steps above are followed, you will be able to get any new update that is added by Facebook. You can also update the app once in a while to get more features each time the platform adds anything new.

Introducing Facebook Avatar And Dating Features

Yes, these two features are trending currently and you can get them after you’ve updated your Facebook app.

Facebook Avatar

This is a fun way to make your carton version. You can start making your own Facebook Avatar by following the basics as will be outlined here. The necessary tools you need to create your avatar are already on the platform.

When you create your Avatar, you will be able to use it as your profile picture, use it in comment sessions, and more. It is free and you don’t have to pay a dime to make use of the Avatar feature.

To create your avatar and use it, you can watch this video: How To Create And Use Facebook Avatar

Facebook Dating

A wonderful feature that you will so much like to make use of as you can create your dating profile and meet other singles who have opted into the platform.

Facebook dating is a space within Facebook that makes it easier to meet and start new conversations with people who share your interests. You must be 18 years and above to be part of the dating platform.

To be part of Facebook dating, then take your time to read this FACEBOOK DATING PROFILE SET UP – FB Dating App Update.

I hope this New Facebook app update for newly added features was helpful? If you have any questions, simply reach us by using the comment box below. Also, share this article on your social media account so that others can know about it.


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