1. May you please send me a link to permanently delete my Hitwe account. I’m struggling to deactivate it. Thanks

  2. De activate or unscribe,me permanently from all your activities

  3. j’en ai assez de hitwe j’en peu plus et depuis j’essaie de me désinscrire en vain quelqu’un pour m’aider ou de grâce que hitwe de désinscrire j’en est rallye le bol merde

  4. It is sheer wickedness on the part of HITWE not to have established a link where accounts can be deactivated. I have been trying to deactivate my account to no avail.PLEASE DELETE MY HITWE ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY AT ONCE.

  5. Please unsubscribe my email address from hitwe,there is no way to delete my name or email address in the settings area on the link. And their email address don’t exists Brenden 30 years old from Johannesburg! If you reply to their email address my server notify me that Hitwe (notification@hitwe.com) doesn’t exists! I’ve tried many times and their is no option on the link! Thank you Brenden

  6. please, unsubscribe or delete my email address from “Hitwe” website. thanks

  7. Please unsubscribe me on hitwe, I don’t need any email from hitwe anymore

  8. Please delete my acçount. I want out immidetely

  9. Why are people who already have my email adress for any reason being notified of my hitwe account and given an easy to follow link to my site??

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